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Name: Dejai_Nanoka
Birthday: Jun 19 1988
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 15 May 2010

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I'm new to being a pagan, I was originally raised CRC/catholic and after a long time while being a Christian I knew something didnt seem right and then after coming out of the closet (sexual orientation) christianity wasnt kind to me at all. Around that time mom told me about my family history in Scotland. i found out that i belonged to the Campbell Clan, and then i watched a show on history channel about pagan/wicca around the world and seeing a thing about it in Scotland was like waving a flag like "WATCH ME WATCH ME!!" it got me thinking that i should pick up with my clan probably did before the Christians took over. It was 3 years ago that i decided that i wanted to be pagan.

I had some experiences of some interesting powers you may say like premonition in dreams. to date i have had about 5 premonition dreams, and quote a few premonitions out of sleep. (most of them were about what would happen at school that no one else knew about because it came up last second but i knew was coming.. luckily i came prepared. no really big world changing premonitions though, just small minor ones.

Im mostly interested in using crystals and herbs to protect people close to me and to heal them if they needed it. I want to use any gifts i have (still hidden or semi active) to helping others.

Even though i practice celtic magic I also have great respect for the Ancient Greek Paganism. My favorite greek god is Apollo. I do believe they exist and to go back in time to take part in a ritual back then would be amazing!

Other than that.......

I'm working on a Japanese major and going back to school for another degree, Im hoping for teaching so I can teach japanese at a middle/high school level.

I love to be around my friends. My friends are my family and i treat them like family.

Birthdate - June 19 1988

Element - Air

Magick - Celtic, crystal, herbal, candle

religion - pagan

Relationship - engaged

favorite incense - rose, dragons blood

Scottish clan - Clan Campbell

Mother's Side - Scottish, Irish, German, French

Father's Side - Dutch

Blessed Be Everyone.


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