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Name: wittywitches
Birthday: Feb 2 1959
Location: North carolina,high point, USA.
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 20 Sep 2012

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My dears, I am an old man, or to be more precise, an old witch, though not so very old, who enjoys, in the autumn of his years, helping young people find happiness with my love spells. I say young people because old codgers like myself are usually past caring about matters of the heart and so rarely come to me for help. I have been casting spells since I was a slip of a thing after lights out at bedtime at my boarding school. Whilst the other girls were reading daring novels, or climbing down from our dorm windows with sheet ropes to be with their beaux, I was off to cast spells of various kinds or dreaming up new spell recipes.

When some poor girl comes to me, crying fit to burst that her heart has been broken by the unspeakable actions of her young man, I explain to her that love spells are a nice and beneficial way to stop the rot and get her young man to mind his P's and Q's with her. And soon after I have cast her love spell, she tells me that hearts and flowers are now her lot and her young man has seen sense. Of course, I would prefer to get a large stick to the backside of these young men and beat some sense and manners into them, but that would not make my young friend happy. She needs her romance to be as pretty as a bowl of tea roses, and so it soon is with the aid of my magic arts - Love Spells! Some women come to me and say that their husband is being a rotter, perhaps he is rather too cosy with his secretary, and I cast my love spells and very soon everyone is jolly and happy once more while the secretary has found herself a new friend. I cast magic of all sorts, but find that the frail human heart is most grieved by love and so it is this that I deal with mostly. For this reason I have created my website with the aid of George my black cat, george black catwho warms my knee as I write, to help those poor distressed souls who are looking for aid and succour in this jungle of modern magic. There are many love spells and many casters, whom to choose, which way to go? explaining some of the mysteries for those who seek a nice friendly chat and a guide to finding their heart's desire through the mysteries of magic and love spells.

I offer you all a nice virtual hot cup of tea, a sugared bun, and warm greetings....

Many hearts are broken every day and many people suffer in vain. Don't be one of them. Let me help you with your case. My powerful spells can STOP A DIVORCE and much much more! My name is Lee Ann and I am considered one of the most powerful spell casters with white magick and black magick. I can help you, no matter if you had spell cast recently that failed, or if this is the first time you have a spell cast. I have a big range of powerful spells to use for your needs. What outcome do you want?

Powerful spells with fast results, You might wonder how the spells will affect you? Will the spell be helpful? YES! The spells I cast for you will not have any unwanted side effects such as bad Karma. As long as the intentions are pure out of love as I am sure they are, right?. Magick is actually an energy from mother earth that can be controlled. You yourself might even be able to do it after years of practice. Excellent spell casting service. I give 100% in every spell casting and as a professional I make sure all goes right. I give 100% to make you satisfied with my service. If you have a complex situation then I urge you to contact me. If you have a normal hard situation about love, then the best spell is the "Ancient love Spell Combo"

Yes there is Gray Magic! Gray magic is White Magic turned Black . Let's say you do a spell to obtain money, but then a week later your mother dies and leaves you some money. What started out to be white magic was actually gray magic which then turned to black magic. You see gray magic is magic that can turn white or black. That is why you should always do a divination with the Tarot cards or what ever method you prefer to find out the outcome of your workings before you do them! This way you will be sure to harm none in your spell castings. Even if you meant no harm, yet someone was harmed, you will have to except the Karmic responsibility....You can bring any problem ready to solve it for not usually come online but you can easily get me through my email...because i check my mail very will be waiting for you..okay...dont be afraid you are free to say anything ..okay...


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