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Name: HavokHeart
Birthday: Mar 4 1993
Location: US
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 17 Oct 2010

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Personal Bio
General: Hello, Im Latashia. I'll go by HavokHeart to most though. Im a young scholar and artist, who loves her religion (explained below) and is yearning to share. I was born 17 years ago, the month of 03 the day of 04. I stand at about 5"6 and have an average build with long wavey auburn hair and chocolate eyes. I love my altunative, rock, and metal music but I can enjoy soft strings and piano too. Horror movies are the best. I'll read absolutley anything and watch very litte tv besides dramas, animes, and adult cartoons. I love to draw and write as well. I am happily taken as of 3 years, by a very wonderful guy whom I plan to marry so no funny stuff. My friends and family are my world. I'll be a senior in High School and once I graduate I am going to a technical school for Health Information. Later I may major in Psych or Religious studies. Lastly a tiny heads up; Im not going to go into grave detail but I do suffer from a few mental illnesses,(OCD, Anxious-ODD, Bi-polar, and MPD) I want no pity I am just simply letting you know. So if you catch me during an episode, I apologize in advance. I am medicated and counseled, working hard to better myself but I still have my moments. If you have any other questions just ask.
The Craft: My magickal name is Ewnx. I know alot despite my age. I am a Celtic Wiccan-Christian who specializes in Candle Magick, Psi Vampirism, and Astral Projection. I have been in the craft for seven wonderful years due to a yearning to find something a little more spiritual outside of Christianity. Although I feel I have really been around much longer if you catch my dirft. And thus I began my journey with my best friend whom is now my Coven sister. You may call her XcoulluocX, she can be found somewhere within the site. I plan to stay in my chosen path all my life. My matron is Isis and my parton Osiris, but I believe in all gods and goddesses. I believe in both the astral and the heavens, being that the astral is a place to roam, connect and be reborn, where as the heavens are the final resting place. I believe in a place for sinners beyond saving or reincarnation too, but I am not sure that it is hell or ran by a devil. To put Wiccan-Christianity in a nut shell, God stated in the bible "thou shall not put any God before me", and I have not. I see all other Gods/Goddesses below him, putting him as the center leader if you will. It may be a twist on words, but I truly believe I am in no wrong and can be counted as both Wiccan and Christian. Im attracted to things out of my element, being a Water sign who loves Fire. I have mastered the basics and am looking to farther my eduaction. I have both a small local equal rights Coven and an astral Coven. The local Coven is made up of three Religious scholars besides myself we go by the name of LunarBlue. We are an Avatar based Coven, by that I dont mean blue people or bald kids with arrows on their heads. I mean; That unlike the traditional Coven one person to each element representation, we believe in all or each element to one person representation. Hence an Avatar or master of the elements. The Coven fallows the same belief system as I have mentioned. Then the astral Coven, where I am trained is much larger in size and made up of an higher archey of elders, whom fallow traditional and NewAge belief. I am open to questions and willing to aid anyone whom is serious about the craft. I may even have questions of my own. Youre more than welcome to PM me, I'll do my best to respond. Thanks for your time, HavokHeart.
Basic Magick Education&Supplies
Protection Magick
Candle Magick
Elemental Magick
Healing Magick
Knot/Binding Magick
Fortune telling/Psi Readings
Several kinds of Divination
Herbal, Oil, Incense, and Stone Lore
Aura and Chakra reading
Defensive Magick
Dream/Lucid/Astral Magick
Animal/Creature Magick
~Currently Studying~
Planetary/Solar/Lunar Magick
Offensive/Hex Magick
And more to come.


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