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Name: hope842
Location: ireland
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 22 Jun 2011

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my name is shannon but u can call me blaze if u wanna and guess ya could call me an emo but dont lable me anything else cause lables are for soup cans!My elements air =] i have brown and blue hair and dark brown eyes.In my teens:P

I love Music: Slipknot,linkin park,hollywood undead,bring me the horizon,black veil brides,cute is what we aim for,mayday parade,my chemical romance,dead by april,taproot,secondhand serenade,evanescence,seether,the used,avenged sevenfold,panic at the disco,eminem,static-x and LOADS more! I couldnt live without music....literally!:p I love drawing!!!! ^.^ ......and skittles O.o ;]

Emails welcome! :]

OH AND REMEMBER:I give the best hugs ever!!!and I can brighten your day even if I cant brighten my own.:]

ummm here are some of my fav quotes/poems:


sick of crying,tired of trying...yeah im smiling but inside im dying....


Dark girl so filled with strife

dark dark girl she'll take your life

dark girl stay for a while

dark dark girl she makes me smile

dark girl she shows no fear

dark dark girl is always near

dark girl wont see her cry

dark dark girl just wants to die

but dark girl lives in the dark

so you dont see her painful mark

dark dark girl you may never know

just how much the light can show.


i think its kinda funny

i think its kind of sad

that in dreams in which im dying

are the best iv ever had.


If theres a shadow,there has to be light...right?


If pain was beauty,id by very beautiful.


I wonder does it hurt to die?....its hurting so much more to stay alive....


im not even going to get mad anymore.........I guess i just have to except the least of the people i thought the highest of.


Dead in her mind and cold to the bone.she opened her eyes and saw she was alone.


if you love me let me know,if not please gently let me go.


Im tired of being all alone.


music = life.

______________________________________________________________________when nothing can go will anyway.

______________________________________________________________________ teddys bears dont hug back,but sometimes their all you have.


it hurts so much to love you the way i do,and then look at you and realize how much you dont care....


A smile can hide a 1000 tears.

______________________________________________________________________ If i were to die tomorrow......would you even care....?

______________________________________________________________________ Its hard to hold on to a dream that may never come true.

______________________________________________________________________ I needed you then and i still need you now.

______________________________________________________________________ He'll never remember what i'll never forget.

______________________________________________________________________in a room full of people,but yet i still feel all alone.



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