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Name: babyangel27
Location: Pasadena, Texas
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 17 Apr 2010

Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
Name: Sophia Marie Velasquez
NickName: Ella
D.O.B: May 27, 1992
Hobbies: Drawing & Poem Writting
I am BiSexual.
I am the Oldest
Brothers: 6
Sisters: 4
Student@: PHS
HomeTown: Houston
Fav Bands/Singrz: Twiztid&&.dark lotus
(any band on psychopathic radio)
Type of Music: rock, hiphop, techno, whatevr
My#: 832-___-7736 (ask4it)
Besties: Phill Campos,Christina Cutthroat, Sarah Avina
lil more info:
I am currently livinq in pasadena tx. I was born and raised in houstone. i am one short lil female. i'm 4'9 and don't qive a fuck. i live with my qrandparentz. my mom lives in oklahoma and my dad livez riqht here by me. i see him everyday. i hope to see my mom one day. if you ever qet me and my sister cheli alone be aware of the krazyness your headinq for. i try to live my life happily. i don't make enemies unless they wana become my enemy. i'm mainly a kewl lil female to hanq with. sometimes im confusinq but that hasn't bothered anybody yet. i don't know what i'm doinq so don't ask. i'm just qoinq on with my life and seeinq where it takez me. if you see me smilinq don't be surprised if you see me cryinq later. i've been throuqh pain, love, and happiness. all bullshit to me now. i'm not really a fiqhter and i don't really intend to be unless i'm super pissed off. (i'm rarely pissed off.] i'm more opened to my best friends phill and christina than any body in the world. [yes, thiz includez to my sisterz.) i have a broken heart and i hope someone can repair it soon. i don't want to be qoinq throuqh that "fallinq in love and qettinq heartbroke" qame anymore. i know i will but fuck ett. i think i've all ready fallen numb to half thiz bullshit the world brinqz me. i hope you feel me when i said that.
Any More Q? Msg Me.
wana txt? ask4ett.


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