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Name: serpentking
Location: in the eye of the storm with waves crashing all around me
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 01 May 2012

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I am 27 i have been practicing for almost 11 years now this might not be much i know and i dont have the luxury of being trained by people . i just happen to be a stubborn guy who dosent give up. and ive always been the type to train myself , I started by teach myself how to read and then at 6 years i studied animals from all over world i was a nature person and always felt close to the earth, i also love the night and water , put three together and were camping,

then at 12 i startd studing mythology i read a guide that taught beginners with greek and also greek heritige and Alexander the great , and king arthur merlin and the like then my research slipped into a subtle form of voice and chakra magic using magnetism to gain sway over people, i thean started readin dungeons and dragons rukle books and martial arts , and then i started with metaphysics and syncrnicity, at 20 19 i started meditating 3 hours a day and had many outer body experiences and many weird vison dreams i then learned to summon and create symbol systems for magical use and did a little herb candle a circle work. ok then i started going to college for religious studies/philosophy degree after getting discharged from the military because i was sick , I studied heavily in Tao , physics , new age concepts and a bit with ancient civilizations but started this while in living in the convent like setting, in college i took to new level and started discovering new ideas connecting all religions to one source and learned of Atlantis then , i went back and started learning psionics energy manipulation channeling demonology , known as satanic, also studied chi and used vampiric techniques and started being a vamp healer with energy healing then learned to make shields and opening chakras, , storm manipulation,and chaos magic then death magic and finally god form magic and advanced ninjitsu and spirits and i continue to gather info on these subjects and learn as i go

The meaning of life is love for without love there can be no life.

to be one must become that which one isnt to realize what one was, this is the nature of understanding, yet because you are afraid of death life becomes a shadow because only by conquering fear can one know love and to conquer it you must sacrifice something , the only thing there is yourself , when this done you will understand there is no other, separation is a lie, we are all one, and all htred violence, relegion , enslaved populace, tortured animal, every single murder done to a human being, is a result of this and other lies used to support it, such as not enough, and the ever important one death is certain ,being spread and perpetrated by ever major relegion, instutionof government, education facilty , and almost ever individual at some point

My name is hileal or Hiemdol , and i am the shining one , I am known by many name but i am he, I am the guardian of the rainbow bridge and nothing gets past me, i have had a long existence but i tell you i have paid dearly for who i am , this is a mockery of the place i came too love once this place was my favorite place but , my my look at what happens when you rule yourself has it been 6,000 thousand years already, we leave for this long and your memories fade and get twisted . mans rule is at an end for there must be balance see good evil this is stupid what you mean is light and dark , my how your languages fail to communicate meaning, see this is what is wrong with every one the light is a male quality representing man , dark is the female , the right and left parts of brain , each controls the opposite side of body , your religions, ie Christianity, Catholicism, and Judaism and Islam have bred hatred toward women. this ws done in an attempt so man would rule and be worshipped by all as ruler of all where i come from this a cruel joke at best, enough with the serious talk

my birth name is Oryinthian rayne and i am also known as Phobos once long ago after I my twin brother also known as romulus and remus destroyed sparta and i was born by love and fathered by war for with out war love will die because you will kill her. , enough this about magic and this part is about me so ill share a few of my favorite things,

So long as i stand you shall not pass-waraxe

no longer shall i serve the light but bend it to my will

death lighter than a feather love a duty that is heavier than a mountain lan madragoran lost king of malkier

names orinthian rayne, heimdol, Hileal, phobos,

knightshade, purechaos ages end tornshadow Aniyashden,

titles, son of battles, laughing rogue, dark templar, lord of shadows

color silver, gold, platnium,

zodiak Aries,

chinese zodiak, dog

colr red , grey, and blue

weapon, daggers, fists, elbows, knees, feet, kamas, spear, swords, , scimitars, truth, shields, truth, judgement, my mind , and your weaknesses,

magicians name knightshade,

charecter class dark templar

car lincoln town car ,

day , tuesday,

season winter and spring ,

animals, predators

totem guides, bear, lion, panther, raven, eagle, dragon/ serpent,

holiday Gaias day, womens day,

relegious views, i dont belive one should ever be enslaved, positions on gods , they are my friends and family i will not listen to anyone say anything negitive about them

Fear by evans blue

Guilt reflects

And then leaves the rest to me

It started with a flash of light

A fist's grip was loosened just a bit

There's a constant slip out of the positive

And you waste more perfect time than you tend to give

All the fear and all the cares of the world

Never forced themselves into my arms

It was your fear that helped me

Your fear that got me to move

Straight from your heart into their sight

Grace and hope

I'm sure are on the way

It ended with a twist of fate

And now the hearts are breaking just a bit

And the consequence was negative

So you killed more precious lives then you had let live

All the fear and all the cares of the world

Never forced themselves into my arms

It was your fear that helped me

Your fear that got me to move

Straight from your heart into their sight

For shame on you

Who cares about me anyway

I don't mind you

It'd mean so much if you'd just save me

Save me

All the fear and all the cares of the world

Never forced themselves into my arms

It was your fear that helped me

Your fear that got me to move

Straight from your heart into their sight


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