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Name: Snakedoc911
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 10 May 2010

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Not new to the world of magick, just this kind. Have practiced something else for many years and wanted to expand my horizons. I am here to learn as much as I can, and am open to all types of magick.

I walk the path of the skinwalker and there is shaman blood in my veins from my native forefathers. It tends to work well for me in my art.

Not sure how much I have to contribute, yet, but will help whomever however I can.

If you would like to know more abt me or have questions feel free to ask.

"The heart and soul are straining not to crack

Alone on different mountains and buried in snow

A Wolf and a Witch

Lost by all as hope fights the fade to black

missing the warming glow of their mates

The heart and soul are straining not to crack

feelings are fractured and under attack

In the beautiful face of the Witch the eyes sad

A Wolf and a Witch

Wondering forever: "What is it they have done?"

The signs of strain will never show

The heart and soul are straining not to crack

The pain is worse than a thousand slow deaths

just want to fall to ravines below

A Wolf and a Witch

My frozen spirit will endure till again it unites

from stoic piercing wolfs eyes others never knowing of the pain

The heart and soul are straining not to crack

A Wolf and a Witch"


"A demon trapped between two worlds

And I cannot survive in one alone

I stride into a cryptic future faint

Hand in hand with the apparition of my fate

The bloody, red full moon

illuminates my skin deadly pale in its shines

Driven by forsaken joy

devils lurk in dark shadows

A demon trapped between two worlds

In a maze of God forsaken feelings

I have lost myself, a demon lost in desolate lands

Cry ? left alone, no one hears

I will fall when no one cares

my grave ? I can't evade

So many questions in my head they drone

Questions without answers

A bloody rusted nail

piercing through my veins

no light to change eternal night to day

here human life has no worth

I found what I was looking for

Can you hear my mournful howl?

For my search is in vain

Fate has dealt yet another blow

My mind?s filled with things to come

time runs away under my feet

My soul has died and been reborn

life's going on and will do so when I?m gone

Do you feel it?

I have seen it in the runes?

All I have seen I have not told

Their secrets mine alone to hold

Feelings stained with blood

Alone I must endure this hell

Engrained in deepest grief

A silent farewell

Every hour, a loss of power - every day

A demon lost in a desolate land"


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