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Name: darkpride
Location: in ur dreams
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 05 Sep 2010

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well lets see where do i start? i am in an anazing relationship so dont bother asking lol im 20 years young my fav colors are red black blue and silver like my eyes lol.... i love to eat i cant gain any weight lol but im not complaining lol...

i love lions, writing and much more... so if u want to get to know me send me feather :)


In the hopes that our prayers will be answered, I give this to you, now take this jewel in your hand, sparkling like the rays of the sun. As clear and as uniform as the flowing water of a mountian spring. take its power as your own, this jewle that has captured the moment of the flame bursting forth from the heart of the eternal sun.

Unwavering, undying. The flame that dances within our immortal souls, carry it with you so it may guide you on the journay ahead until the end of time its self.

Into the deep blue sky, Inside the shining wind

The wings of a dream descend, Have courage and fly to the future,

So beautiful, The burning beat of my heart starts beating

At the same speed as that day.I love that which looks straight ahead.I want to look at it forever. To the glittering stream of stars, We each mutter our own important wish

When I shut my eyelids, only you come to mind

I want to go meet you right now. Because twice you have not turned back, And not let go of this moment

You have brightened my life, And made it lovely, I want to discover the real me

I have been reborn in order to protect you

Catching the miracle which keeps passing through

Until the next world.

You don't have to fly. If you have to cry until your eyes are dry, carry those bloody wings. Or even pay for your life just to fly in the sky, Then you don't have to.I. . . im the only one who wont fly away. . . and leave you behind. I'll live inside this cage with you.Until my wings are healed. . . and break free from the bond of earth and take you with me.

Let them fly to you. Through the wavering, distorted sky

These two loves,That feel so close together. You were always by my side

So the gap you made is so huge, Your cheeky response, "See ya..."

Makes me sad. If you're crying in an unfamiliar town,

Even if I'm not by your side, I want to send you a smile. These two loves

That feel so close together. We each sat in the middle Of one sofa

We can keep trying To keep looking at each other forever.

When I look up at the night sky, the clouds disappear.

My eyes will keep looking towards my dream.

Even now, the shining, sparkling stars. Are shining on you

Under the sky that hadn't changed since the day we met,

We made a single vow. I can see your habit of touching your hair when you talk

As I sleep alone, Even the pain in our hearts is surely a bond.

The shining, sparkling stars. Always reflect the two of us

Under the sky that hadn't changed since the day we met.


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