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Name: ShadowShade
Birthday: May 11 1991
Location: Colorado
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 29 Mar 2010

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In the day, people scrutinize so I naturally have an affection for the night. How beautiful the stars and sky when there is only you to appreciate them. I know that I belong to the night and that it makes me different. To my queen, the moon, I howl in blood-lust and love. What is so simple as shadows?

How is it that the greatest battles are always fought on your home turf, tearing up everything you seek to protect. My consciousness is usually the first thing to go. The most powerful weapon of the Allies, evil is one smart bitch. My emotional agony is my strength however. Taking physical pain is so much easier, so hit me, and take my mind off of all the guilt and rage inside. See as I vent it out on you, even when the breath stops.

I am Some one who believes in science and magick a person who believes in the seen and the unseen. I have used what i know for good and bad but i dont think that makes me a good or a bad person.

Now For a Voice From The Heart

T'would it not make sense to begin with a proper beginning?

This is why we won't and simply say we have to create a manner of deep perception in which on those whose minds are as the chaos of nature shall only understand, understand?

Having said this, I know that some have figured this out and are leaving or better yet staying, because you know I'm right and crazy, two traits that often enough collide. OK, to conclude the start, you simply need to know that what I am is perceptive and often depressed and aggressive so know now what the following poems, lyrics, ect. won't be about rainbows and butterflies.


Surrounded by a thousand smiles

masking a million worries,

Are we left with naugth but impressions

concealing our emotional flurries?

Tear out the tongue

gorge out the eyes,

take away everything

eminating your lies

Because when it all ends

and your music fades

all of your protection

will just burn away

A broken glass

sits still on the floor

One thousand faces

are thousands no more.

Chains and Manacles

Guilt ridden and broken, tears fall from the sky

Again and again, and eternity to cry

But tears don't change people, gripped by desire

My sin is relentless, a swift growing fire

Manacled by my anger, and chained by my pride

It's these that control me, my regrets left to hide

Scarred in all the wrong places, places you don't see

Dark hands still holding, an embargo on me

Restricting my emotions, holding tight to the soul

Parasitically devouring, leaving a

tax and

a toll.


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