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Name: Ansil_Snow
Location: Texas - Arkansas
Last Seen: Sun, 04 Apr 2010

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I am a witch practicing mainly folklore magic taught me by my Grandmother. She was a wand maker as am I. I mainly use her spell book that has been passed down for many years. Some things in it I don't understand and at times don't think I care to. I have a small portion of a potion that her Great Grandmother made. My Grandmother would have been 110 years old this year, so it is very old and very potent. I use it sparingly to say the least.

I have a few gifts, one is what my Grandmother called energy vision. I can see the energy exchange between people. It can be irritating at times, but helpful at other times. I can do psychic work when it relates to love. Other things, not so much. My Grandmother told me I could have more psychic power if I practiced, but I decided long ago to stay with what comes naturally.

The other strong gift I have, and I am hesitant to call it a gift, is I can make things around me happen. If I am very, very angry I can wish something on someone and it will happen. Just simple things like making them trip or their nose bleed a little. I am very careful with that and have learned to control it well, although as a young child it was hard. But, I have to have the anger to do this. Moving objects is easy for me, sort of a parlor trick type thing. But I imagine there are many of you that do the same.

Just an old witch still trying to get along in a world where people still don't understand that anyone can do so much with their mind and nature if they really try. And, that this is not of the devil, just a natural fact of life. We have so very much energy around us to be used, it is there for the taking if we take the time to harness it.

I work with crystals, herbs and other things in nature. I also craft robes, altar cloths etc. with nature etchings, a practice also learned by my Grandmother. I do a little healing work. It takes so much out of one though.

Looking forward to getting to know the nice folks on this site. I have been welcomed very well.


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