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Name: Peccatus
Location: In the Realm where Architecture and Magic are united to form a perfect Zenith
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 03 Oct 2010

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-Love letter to a GAY lover-

TO my Beloved...

What is describe it simply as a humble feeling of rejoice, yet it is more then that... It is more then what mere words can describe in their symbolic shapes... you live it , you feel it, you'd sell your soul to the Devil himself, to grant it to you at least once in you life, before you die and weep your tears in parting... as I would do each passing day, each turning moon and each time the sands of ages drag us towards our fate, I yearn for you my Beloved... I yearn for the touch of your hands as they swifts through my hair...and as your fingers run down my neck through the sweat that urges to escape my sense the smell of your wet chest, as my palms caress your chiseled body... and your lips that kiss my flesh, from my mouth and neck, to my chest and waist, I yearn for the lust of the moment when you and I are together , when our naked bodies touch each other and our hearts beat ever stronger for my heart is your to keep ...and bare until you die, and to carry ever after beyond death... and you to forever know that I shall always love you more then light itself and pray to God that no matter where I go through life and after, to gaze into your eyes one final free the love I bare for you...

Ever thyn,

Ever mine,

Ever Love...

For you My Love...


The Legacy of the Stone is Architecture... and it is a boundary kept hidden within secreted walls, for it's destiny is not to bring forth evolution...but Chaos... for all who live their lives within a Stone ,shall ultimately die of it..

Remember that old saying ,,let he without sin cast the first stone,, well that stone came from a building, a structure that fell for no other reason but to bring forth death...

So build high my children , high enough to pass the clouds and chase the sun, cause one day you're all going to jump off that Colossal Tower and as you fall, you shall bring down Babylon with you.

Autobiography :

age: 20

occupation: architect student

location: Transylvania (Romania)

hobbies: drawing, playing piano, writing, fencing, and modeling but i gave that up, 7 yrs as a model was enough for me...too many stupid people

favorite animal: Cats

most hated animal: The Human

favorite music: Epic ( Era, Gregorian, X-Ray Dog, Immadiate Music, Nightwish ,...)

hight:6 ft 1 (1.86 m)

hair: dark

eyes: forest green.... very green when i'm angry

VERY Narcissistic

favorite movies: V For Vendetta, Silent Hill, Dead Silence.

favorite human: Leonardo Da Vinci

favorite food: to live, don't live to eat

favorite flower: Crimson Rose

favorite color: Black (nothing beats the classic)

favorite Actress: Angelina Jolie and Meryl Streep

favorite Actor: Sir Anthony H. and Johnny Depp

favorite Book: The Vampire Monarchy

languages spoken: romanian, english, french, german, italian and latin

love in life: NO...the only love I bare is for Myself

favorite word: POWER

favorite Sin: PRIDE

Sex interest: Bisexual...( I more keen on guys though )

about me : You would Love Me to Death... and Beyond...

oh...and PS. my name is... Laureant



1. Why was I born ? -i could say , to fulfill a undying destiny for the good of the world, but most probably for ur allowance money , hey thats a destiny too...

2. Why is the world so cruel ? -The world's not cruel, ur just too stupid to figure out the problems, thats why u keep bumping into them.

3. Why does everyone hate me ? -I repeat ur too stupid thats why !!!

4. Why am I not happy ? Well here's a tricky one, or NOT, depends i ur a woman...the answer is this... ur not happy because ur either, FAT, UGLY, FAT & UGLY, ANOYING, a TALKER, or worse all of the above. And if ur a man, ur unhappy because u've got urself one of those bitches I just described earlier.

5. Why do I wanna Kill myself ? -WHO GIVE'S A SHIT , the rivers that way.

6. Why is everything so hard ? - because ur just to soft and wussy to handle just blame it on Viagra.

7. Why cant i find love ? -Oh Pleaseee.....sweety love is nothing more than a failed attempt of a drunken-down fuck who tried to spell the word LUST and ended up with LOVE .

8. Is there a Heaven ? - NO !!! u just rot in he ground

9. Why do I need money ? - So u can make ur crappy life a bit less crappier of 5 more minutes before it all falls down the shit tunnel of fuck.

10. Why was I born so ugly ? -cause God reached his credit limit on his credit card when he bought Angelina Jolie's ta-ta's .

11. Why does everyone worship vanity ? -Well if everyone else does it there's a good chance their on to something, so why the hell aren't U doing it...just follow the shit pack, u've been doing it all ur life why stop now.

12. Why am I not Smart enough ? -well this isn't something i can blame on u...but rather on ur parents...who I must say...getting completely stoned on meth, while trying to figure out the Split Rose position at a Kiss concert and constantly dropping u on ur head when u were a baby to see if u bounce , isn't a way to make sure u grow up smart in life...ASSHOLES...and u call us kids Dumbasses...

13. Why do I carry on ? -Well u can live-out ur crappy worthless life and meet a Fugly-boobless-redneck-of-a-daughter who's sole goal in life is to suck out urs, and finaly to bare the most shitiest type of offspring's known NASA who will ultimately fuck off the entire existance of the world , thanx to ur fucked up choice of continuing to live out ur shity life so u can fucking complete ur freakin' Circle of Life...HAKUNA MATATA BITCH !!!!


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