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Name: imstillhere
Location: somewhere far far away
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 02 Sep 2010

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I am born from a magically gifted family. We are American Indians and I do practice my culture, beliefs and heritage. My father taught me my first spell and my aunt showed me my first spirit. I come from a background firmly rooted in magick and conjuring. This is my way of life.

Please do not message me asking for love spells and things such as this as I am not inclined to this. Not that I can not do it but rather will only do these things under certain situations and I doubt this would be you.

I can see, talk to and channel the dead. I can see past lives as well as the future.

I read tarot cards though seldom use them in readings as I find them for me to be more of a prop than a necessity.

I have studied herbal medicine, stones and totems. My totem has changed as I have grown but it has always been some type of snake.

My native name means Snake and was given to me by my great great great grandmother in a vision as this was her name as well.

I write all my own spells with the exception of the ones passed through my family. I DO NOT share these spells. My suggestion is to write your own as this is far more effective.

I am not inclined at this time to want to be anyones teacher however I will answer questions if I believe you to be sincere. DO NOT waste my time with RP as I know this when I see it. And I am not a ''charmed'' one so dont ask me these types of questions either. Nor did I attend Hogwarts with Harry and the gang.

Do not message me about vampires as this is obviously your belief and one I DO NOT SHARE!!!!! Twilight does no impress me.

I do not tolerate disrespect well at all as I KNOW who I am and what I can do. However nor do I feel I should have to pull out ''parlor tricks'' for you to believe what I am telling you. If you choose to live in denial and not believe me then DO NOT waste my time nor yours by asking.

My Goddess is my business so DON''T ASK!!!!

I do not belong to a coven here on this site nor off. I am a solitary witch trained in the ways of my family.

Anything else you want to know.....ask?


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