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Name: jessie_marie
Birthday: Sep 9 1994
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 07 Feb 2013


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I am revisiting my life as a Wiccan, I investigated it when I was younger and recent times have made is necessary to have something to hold onto. Nothing else seemed to root me and then I found an old pentagram necklace of mine and I'm back and ready to invest myself.

Currently I'm awaiting graduation from highschool, just a few more weeks, and when I'm not working or studying (PAH yeah right) I'm at the barn training my horse or at home reading with my kitten, Sofia.


When it comes to my practices I'm very much a beginning (call me Green ;) ) but I have some knowledge and I'm quick to learn and to accept knew things.

Luckily, the element my sign dictates is what I also associate with, Earth. I'm very much a Virgo and very much an Earth elemental. And I feel that I have a stronger connection with my element because of that.

I'm most fascinated and drawn to clairvoyance and Astra projection and more ritual style magick, not just spells for this-or-that. I found out my natural talent for clairvoyance when I was about 10, my cousin was a practicing Wiccan and she brought me into it and when I told her about the visions I have while I'm dreaming, she helped me further my skills a bit and take the photo-like snapshots and develop them into full visions. Since I haven't worked on this ability for some time I feel it's reburied itself in my mind and now my goal is to renew it.

Since I was younger I've had a very strong emotional and spiritual connection to animals and nature alike, I was the one that people brought injured and dying animals too (like bunnies, birds, ducks etc.) and where they'd panic and try to flee from others, they found comfort with me. My horse and I have a special bond that amazes even my trainer, every professional who saw him when I first adopted him said he was "too wild and would injure or kill" me, and now he's the most well behaved horse(at least for me)

My kitten, Sofia, is a similar story. She was a little stray kitten that would go into terrible panic attacks when people would try to touch or go near her, so much so my friend (who actually found her) had to give her up. I brought her home on Halloween this year and we've been best friends ever since, she follows me EVERYWHERE!

I'm very open to making new friends and gaining new knowledge, send me a message and more than likely I'll respond and have a good chat.

Blessed be!


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