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Name: gravewalkers
Location: a graveyard
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 01 Mar 2014


Membership: Contributor

Personal Bio
If you need me I'm using the account gravewalker_

GAGED...for apparently spamming...i like the new auto gag system but i think it needs some fine tuning because i tried to say "i do enjoy being around the dead...but i hate a dead chat" three times (each time was stopped by the system) and was gaged....ah well if a mod sees this i would like to request that you look over my gag....

Trovare La Vita Nella Morte

i am willing to teach people what i know if they give me a good reason..and if i want to at the time..

if ya need me...mail me...ill get to ya sooner or later

a few things about me for all of you who care to read my bio...

i am 18...

i'm a necromancer...

i posses the abilitys of etheric projection, pyrokenisis, cytokenisis, and mind control...

i am very good at writing spells...

i do not feel pain or extream tempatures unless i want to...

i have seemingly unlimited random knowledge on just about any magick related thing..

a few of my quotes

''never say goodbye..because if you do it just may be...always say later because no matter what...sooner or later you will meet/speak again''

''my scars are the only thing linking me to my past..''

''there is no normal''

''when all else fails...light something/someone on fire''

''we are the reason people fear 2012.''


more than likely my last words will be one of the following

''i wonder if this will burn?''

''hey......i thought you were dead?''

''MOLOTOV TIME!!!!!!!''

''what did i ever do to you.....oh ya sorry bout that''

if you have any problems with can chose to do one of 2 things... tell me...or go dig a deep hole, climb in it, and detonate the explosives....

other random stuff about me

i can be a total idiot at times....which you probably know if you know me... if not you can look at the videos me and a few of my friends have made...

also....if you would want any pictures edited just ask and ill see what i can do...


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