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Name: nogaging1
Birthday: May 18 1993
Location: among the fallen leaves of the past and amonge the great worriers of this world that have pass and become guardens of the people
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 03 Jan 2010

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stop gaging me idont suck that much im sublimeify and lovinmygirl


ok if you can't tell from the pics i'm bi i like anmie ,yaoi ,inuyasha,Rurouni kenshin,blood +,digimon and pokemon

i'm not sure how long i'v been practiceing magick but i think for about 2-3 1/2 years .i do all kinda of magick. but what i'm most into is magick to increase your wisdom and healing magick . andi would like to learn about the spirit relm thing.

my love will conquer all who hurt those i love .also my name is jose xavier bastian & im 16 . life weather at the end or the begining

is to be used to creat love and happyness. may you find love in your heart and joy in living . live and let live :)life is like a cloud everchanging ever moving and then gone just like that. as a friend help,listen,understand,protect;as a brother love,protect,understand ,teach,show him/her life as it is in all its beauty,in all its crulty,in all its sorrow joy pain and pleasure

and tell him/her life is what you make it ,it can be a star lit night with a lover or a battle zone full of fear ,i give this last advice to you to find your inner truth is long and laborus wander this world in finding your truth help the young and you shall have their thanks help the old and you shall gain wisdom help yourself and you shall help the world .

i love my girl darkdestiny and i shall bering death to any and all who try to hurt me or mine.she is the stars that bring me hope in my hour of darkness .peace out .

Strike me down, and I will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.


i love my girl darkdestiny and if anyone wishes to hurt me or mine there death will soon follow and i will look like in my pic.

and kill anyonn who wishes to hurt my lover .


i am peaceful person . love is all i want for me and mine .

and death is all i want for those who apose me and mine .

please out .plz tell me if i sound like a peaceful guy .

title :( unknown to the world ) by : me


i am the shadows that fear fears i am a protector of the people though they no not of me i am the watcher of dreams i am a walker between worlds i am a seeker of truth in this world of lies i ever growing ever knowing and ever learning i am the wind the earth the rain that falls apon your face in sorrow and in joy i am the flame that pulses in every human being the will to live and seek a brighter tommrow so in truth i creat and i destroyi am every thing that will ever be and nothing that will ever become .

i am a timeless being with all the possibilites of life itself.


and also other magick i do involves distance magick love magick alittle protection death magick to those who wish to hurt me or mine.

and dont think i wont charon is my father and mother life my mother . the kind of music i like is the greatfuldead sublime narvana pink floyd nickleback im awsome and just kidding about the last one and um idk .


i shall protect all that is right and just . kill not love much fight for the truth of your soul. protect the weak and defenceless . be a leader or those in need . be the hope wished to be brought to this world.


ps just call me nodoka na katana or nodoka na yaiba


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