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Name: hannahy
Birthday: Sep 25 1997
Location: lebonon,ohio
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 30 Aug 2011

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read if you would like to help me i need as many spells as possible


hi i am Hannah i am 12 and part wolf.i am best at air spells i am good with fire i can make it dance to the beet of music and i can make it rain when i am mad and make it snow if it is cold enough. i would love to learn the summon your inner dragon spell. i have wolves trying to kill me and my 2 friends Samantha-vampire and J.R.- also going through the same problem and we don't know why and Samantha brother Garik helps us. i have to take something to defined me with every where i go am scared to go outside and i my friend says i have the power to control air or water J.R. we don't know Samantha can control fire and Gerik can control earth. all for elements. Kina and Salvean are good wolves trying to help us and we see the evil one every day and i have visions and so does J.R.and i can talk to them. J.R. and i have had a vision about another portal connecting to anther world my parents think i am crazy and none wizards are not affected by this most of the time. my friend says i am very violent in the woods it may be an effecton me being a wolf.

i am am going to be in a war agents humans and dragon riders wolves etc find more info on that on my friend lunerwolfs profile.

2 boys have showed up 1 is good 1 is evil and controls the wolfs and the Jake (the good one) has been watching me and my friend Sam probably because he knows Kina watches J.R.i will hurt Mike (the evil one)if he hurts Sam Gerik or J.R.and Jake has been captured a lot but can escape and i dont know where to find him.we have dreams and the people in the dreams come true. Mike keeps taking Jake and i always have more info in them every day so there may be some thing new everyday on my profile.


my dreams: my boyfriend Sam her boyfriend and i all want skating and then me and Sam passed out the boys carried us to town because someone drained most of our energy and they put their cots round us when the lights went out outside pitch black dark no one around then we notice my boyfriend Tony is gone then Sam then he boyfriend Samuel (lol) was gone then i was on the ground and cant get up when the next thing i know i am i a room with everyone else they wanted to see what would happen i they hurt the boys so they took Tony and Samuel and Tony got cut and i went nuts and finally changed into a wolf they looked the boys in a room and i brook down the door then the boys while Sam got the boys i got the guards and they ran into Jake when Tony herd me yelp and saw me get thrown to the wall he ran for me but they grabbed him and i got up and tor one of the guards to shreds and that was the end.

Sam dreams: this dream is the same place time and all of that is all most the same but her dream.Tony was takken away from us when he came to help me and they grabbed him and knoked me out and blindfoldded Sam and when Tony was gone they thought i was dead so they left me there. When i woke up i went to go look for Tony and found Sam looked in a room and i let her out and we split up to look for Tony. On my whay to find Tony i had no chouce but to swimm in a river because i could smell Tony from a far. When i was swimming something pulled me under and when i was under there i saw a gem and it was blue when i picked it up the water lifted my up and it was taking me to Tony and i found him behind bars and when i got him out some creature scratched my back really bad so TONY CHANGED INTO A WOLF TO and chased it away then carried me so we could find Sam and she was at the library with Jake. Jake was holding a book that was purple and it had pictures of us in it like a comic book and when Sam tuched it the room became an in door playground desind to look like it is out side and then the creature came in and that's when Tony took me to Sam to be held and he changed into a wolf and started to attack it but got thrown agents the wall and i got really mad and didnt change and jumped on its back and Tony was watching me and i ripped it into 3 parts with only a little dagger but manly used my teath.

J.R. dreams:

i need help please help us:)

I THINK MY BOYFRIEND TONY IS A WOLF TO i am not shore though.

some info on me

first real name:Hannah


religious views:catholic

eye color:depends

friends: Samantha-pureblood and gman822 J.R.- no profile

favorite thing to do:go to the woods and read, carve spears, etc

on a full moon i will act a little weird



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