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Name: magickprince
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 17 Sep 2009

Membership: Contributor

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Hi I'm magickprince (Alex in real life) I practice:

Faery sorcery (I'm an expert on faes)

Psionics (excel at aero and geokinesis)

Astral travel and projection

Demon sorcery

Dragon magick

Runic magick

Welsh druidry

Natural and psychic healing (I've just started that)

Quabalistic magick

Time magick and chronokinesis (I've just started that too)

I also like occult philosophy. I became part of the faery elven race during a Tuatha de Danaan ritual in Northern Italy (that's a long story). I was sent to a school for child prodigies over 5 months ago (which I'm now boarding in for the rest of my career). I have some interesting members of my family:

Grandpa - A demon witch and fire bender. He was posessed by a demon at the age of 15 but his psychic abilities (or "superor link to his subconsciouss" as he calls it) managed to save him. He has always ent sprits to protect me from something I never knew had existed-until now.

Brother - INSANELY skilled at demon witchcraft and hydrokinesis. He also has a faery spirit but was born with that naturally.

Mum - A strict Catholic who is dubious about my practice of witchcraft. She had burned the family grimoire on my paternal side that had been passed down the family from medieval Sweden. But since I'm boarding all I have to worry about are skeptical scientific prodigies seeing my magick books that I keep under my bed.

Dad - An ex-khaos magician. I don't know much about his past because he denies he ever was one (but my grandpa told me he was).

Kalfian - My celtic Welsh ancestor had children with a fae, one was human with very slight fae traits and the other completley fae with a diminutive amount of humanity and was taken to Elphame with his fae father as a result. I still see their elven descendant, Kalfian (who is also my VEEEERY vague cousin) in the astral plane.

Past lives I've SEEN=a fae, a Turkish imam during the Ottoman Empire, a Texan factory worker, a samurai and a Portugese sailor.

And finally, the Gods I worship are:

Gaia-Lady of the universe and natural cycle of life

Morgan le Fay-Goddess of the the faes

Pan-King of the faes and God of nature

Zederas-A God I saw in a vision. He is the God of the life of machines. Similair to Gaia.

Hermes-A God I saw in a vision and firmly believe is literally real. He is the Father of pan and God of the arts.

Hecate-Demon Queen of witchcraft (she is a neutral demon)

Diana-Goddess of the moon and water

Belenos-God of the sun and fire

"Knowledge is the first step on the road to fear, but fear is the first step on the road to wisdom. Yet if one continues the road to wisdom, he goes back to the road to knowledge and then goes to the road OF fear." -Lord Axel Oxenstierna (a recorded ancestor of mine).


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