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Name: belliebellie
Location: Hunting for time. Stockholm, Sweden
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 29 Oct 2010

Membership: Member

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Hey, I'm Bella (or Bellie):D I'm 18 (just turned 18, the 30th of May:D). I'm bisexual:) I have a boyfriend named Daniel (Account name: Outlasted)and he is the love of my life, though we have an open relationship. I have three friends on this site whom I've introduced magic and spellofmagic to. They're my best friends:)

their account names:




I'm still pretty much a newbie to this website and to magic overall, but I'm very interested in it and I am a strong believer of magic. I don't know anybody besides from this site that is performing witchcraft or magic. So feel free to send me mails if you want to get to know me and add me as a friend - and maybe help me which I'd appreciate very much:) I need all the help I can get. I want to become as good of a witch/spell caster as I can be:)

For all my life, paranormal things have heppened around me. I like it when unexplainable things happen even though it's terrifying sometimes. I want to explore why all these things happen, and I want to be able to control when it happens or get in touch with it somehow. If you think you can get me some answers or if you're just interested then mail me:)

Music is a big part of my life. I mostly listen to different types of metal, but I also listen to other genres. I sing and play instruments like the piano, guitar and drums. Trust me when I say I have a really good ear for music:) I like to dance too, I've danced many types of dance too. It started with ballet which I danced for six years. It made me learn how to control my body movement much better, as for anybody who starts dancing ballet when they're very young. I was six. I don't really dance anymore, I don't take classes (but sometimes I dance when I'm alone.. schhh - it's a secret!:O) I also like to paint/scetch/draw. But I think people give me more credit for that than I deserve:P So... as you maybe already figured out I'm pretty esthetic^^


Eyecolor: green and brown... My left eye is more green than my rightXP I want to make them really light, but I'm not that good at spells yet.

Haircolor: Naturally brown/goldish, but I died it blonde and black:)

Favorite band: SlipKnoT. R.I.P. Paul Gray, incredible bass player of Slipknot who unfortunately died six days before my 18th birthday, the 24th of May 2010. I'll never forget when I saw Paul live together with his band in Stockholm. I'll remember it forever

Element: Air

Favorite elements: Fire, Water (especially being under it), Drifting wind when it's not too cold.

Dislikes: FISH!, Fake people (who doesn't?:P), dramaqueens, sucky swedish schlager singers that does the same shit over and over again! X.X

Well, thanks for reading:) Have a nice day, hope I'll hear from ya!


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