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Name: Ranama
Location: In the Darkness. Which is the new Light and also with my wife Ashley hehe :D
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 09 Feb 2010

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I'm so Sorry everyone but my message system isn't allowing me to send any to anyone. Hope people you all understand but i will contact anyone who messaged me back very soon so hang in there,Sorry!=( Please do understand, Please!

I don't mind if no one reads this, I just want it to be out to someone's wandering eyes. On the internet too, that's comforting [b](It's difficult to be sarcastic over the internet).[/b] Whoever does read this, I feel I must thank you for your momentary attention. While I may not bask selfishly in it, I do appreciate it. Hi I am new to the site. I would like to apologize for my English. I run into this site by doing some research about magic and i have found this website...

I am Sophia Shoots. im 18 years old. im a complete lesbian[b](im fully confident about my sexuality so please if your just gonna judge me on that then move along to someone else)[/b]... im a girly girl. And [b]im already taken by AshleyCullen AKA Ashley and she's mines!!! all mines!!!! tehe :D[/b]...And i Live in Louisville, Colorado. PS. Guys, [b]Im a Sanguinarian Vampire[/b]! Can you still accept me for who I am? and i wanted to tell humans about what i am yes I'm real i drink human blood i don't take it i have a private doner. I am no threat to any of you if you have any questions please politely ask.

[b]A Very very vey close friend once told me this saying:: if you love something so much you must let it go,if it comes back it was always meant to be yours... so im just going to be waiting...[/b]

[b]And as a Vampire i get a lot of this:[/b] Like are you guys doomed to hell eventualy or can you die be released of your sins and go to heaven? and im like That is assuming that we believe in the concept of a "Heaven" or "Hell". We all come from different faiths and walks of life so damnation is really only the concern of those who share those beliefs...Eh, who needs beliefs... i for one certainly don't...but in regards to that question though, it is a common misconception, and stereotype that we are condemned to eternal suffering. We are normal individuals, like everyone else-- nothing more, nothing less. We are human. So. By this, one could argue that we sin like any other human, regardless of how religious or pious one is in life. Bleh some people have issues, some people are issues...

confused, unlike our fictional counterparts, our vampyrism is

not caused by being undead or having sold our souls to the Devil (like in Dracula, and plenty of us don't even believe in a Devil, so there goes that out the window). It is a problem we were born with. And Twilight Is Making Fools Of Us All! Not only do preppy teenage girls now want to become one of us, they believe that they will be turned by some vampire that falls madly in love with them. I for one will laugh if they do get turned than walk out into the sun thinking that they will sparkle. I do not want to imagine what will become of our race if any of them are brought over...but seriously What vampire sparkles? Twilight has made us onto complete jokes. These teenage girls walking around jabbering about Edward and his pathetic family. I for one don't like the way they are so willing to become vampires, when all they know is the storybook version. I pray the day comes that I see a vampire walk into sunlight so they can "sparkle". That really does bother me that they also claim to know everything about us. What fools. How long can this story possibly drag on? the truly disturbed people are the ones who believe that they are the immortal vampires of legend, who go around hunting their fellow humans for their blood, try to bite through to their arteries, attempt to drink massive amounts of blood (beyond a pint of blood in the stomach, the human body will vomit it up), and leave their victims to die. Just as disturbed are the "slayers" who go around hunting vampires, following the extremely false vampire slayers' guides in the bookstores, and

threatening people with pale skin and who enjoy gothic clothing

and plastic fangs around Hallowe'en.

Before you say we're psychotic, disturbed, and insane, go look at

these people. And then look at yourself - a person who obviously feels the need to come into the online home of a spiritual minority and disrespect this place and the people in it by being a troll.

Before you call us crazy, go read about what real vampyrism is

(that's what the INTERNET is for) and then, when you can argue

calmly, politely, and intelligently, then you will be welcome. If you're not willing to be polite, then you know where the door is.

Don't let it hit you on the way out.

If your still reading this then you are a true good spirit and you made this life more easier.

But, If you are or was dating some one, did you tell them that you're a vampire? If so how did they react?The thing is... Telling another person can enhance a relationship or utterly destroy it. Well... It really all depends on the presentation and the other person.

Case 1: I told a guy I was seeing that I thought I might be a vampire (this was near the end of my awakening). Things ended very badly. There were other things involved, but this was the weapon he used against me. "She thinks she's a vampire. I'm scared of her and for her." Utter nonsense, but I won't bore you with more details.

Case 2: My mom found out and took me to a shrink. Things blew over after a while of down playing it and acting like I was only doing research for the sake of knowledge.

Case 3: I told a boyfriend and it turned out he was a wolf therian. We had the most amazing relationship until other forces separated us.

[b]You See...Sanguinarian Vampires are a mortal form of Vamp. They are born a vamp and it dosnt awaken until the age of about 16. When the body starts purbity it realses a chemical which awakens the vamp side. The body then goes under some changes.

When the person is awoken , they can become sensative to the sun , thirst for blood , eyes burn from the sun , sleep all day, cant sleep at night, etc.

However the major problem with the Sanguinarian vampire is that they are mortal, they have most of your weakens and none of the strengths of the "immortals".

Most say that it is too do with the soul of a vamp been born in a human body. it then alters the human body when awaken. However personally i think it is too do more with DNA. my mother and father are now both Sangi's. The added genes for Vampirism are submisive against normal human genes. This means that a child born to a couple where one is human (and not a carrier) and one is a Vampire will not become a vampire, although the child will carry the Vampire gene. A child born to two Vampires will always become a vampire, although the infant will be born human and develop Vampirism as the extra genes activate at puberty. If two humans who carry the Vampire gene have a child then there is a possibility that the child will be a Vampire, however it also may be a carrier or have no Vampire genes whatsoever.

Every vampyre has a different feeding interval. Trial and error will

determine yours. I would probably have a tough time functioning

after a couple weeks without blood. I drink it

every day/every other day, just to be safe, though

I'm sure I could go longer without it.

If you don't have blood so readily available, I

guess you'll just have to make do with what you

can get.

Vampires that feed from animals are no better than leeches and totally abhorant, and the reason you need to 'feed' so often is that animal blood contains little prana, as their subtle body is less developed than in higher creatures.

here's another quick question "Do any of you other vamps out there agree that virgin blood is by far the best there is?"you wouldn't know if you were drinking 'virgin blood' or not.Blood is blood.

Everyone's blood tastes slightly different, but... I mean, honestly. It's all the same when it comes down to it. A virgins blood, might just be the thought that it is clean and safe.

If you try the blood of a person with diabetes, it is suppost to be more sweet. I tried from experience, but I could be wrong. I'll admit a preference for human over animal but virgin or not makes no difference, nore does male or female. And on animal blood, not advisable fresh unless it is an animal you have raised and know it's health and medical history and, not very ethical unless you raised that animal as meat for your table and get the blood durring the butcher process. Blood from a butcher is fine, just not very satisfyinhg.Blood is just simply blood, as long as its the tasty red delicious liquid we r talking about ya.

O type is awesome so is A type, but A type is really sweet mmm.

Luscious rich savory sweet blood dripping

from my lips tastes

my hunger

is dessert for all

and decadence for some

-There is a seductive little fanged beast in


ok i see some of you saying youre not immortal youre just a normal human with an energy defficency.

then some of you say youre 500 and 1000 years old and are immortal.

Do you guys actualy bite people and drink their blood????Or you "sense" ther energy and make yourselfs belive you absorbed some of their life force.

I just want some straight up answers lol

How many times are you going to keep asking the same questions?

Nobody but a roleplayer or the seriously deluded claims to be physically immortal or physically hundreds/thousands of years old.

No responsible sanguinarian bites their donor-the risk of infection from a human bite is horrendously high.We use safe,sterile methods for drawing small amounts of blood.

Psi's do not 'make themselves believe' that they have asorbed energy any more than sangs do-genuine vampires do asorb energy or suffer the side effects of abstaining. Infections can travel through saliva, and bite marks can get contaminated. And we are human. The human mouth is a bacterial cesspool, and the bacteria, if they get into the bloodstream, can be as lethal as arsenic. Anything you're seeing that says we're immortal and thousands of years old is either from roleplayers who will be dealt with accordingly or from the Spellsofmagic older days.

another question: But is it possible to be half vampire. I'm not talking about that gene thing i read in another forum but I mean actually a real half vampire. Like you have the eyes burning thing sleep all day and stay up all night and energy cravings and so on but you only do half of these things or do these things half way?

Nope! Either you're a vamp or your not. No "half" about it.

In truth, while most of us would likely prefer to be nocturnal and

are night owls by nature, we tend to live in the typical diurnal

pattern that the world around us uses. (People in places like

NYC, though, have easier times getting night jobs and buying

groceries late, so, as long as they're out of school, they might be

able to live nocturnally.) My eyes and skin have issues with

sunlight, more so when I'm Hungry, but many vamps don't.

Besides, I'm mainly Irish and therefore fair-skinned. I burn

through SPF 55 sunblock on a good day. ~.^

Not everybody has the same symptoms, or even most of the

common ones. The only one I've noted to occur in seemingly

every vamp I've ever met is migraines with no apparent or

medical cause. (Including hormones.) These migraines are rarely

helped by ANY medication at all, and are often more severe than

any migraines the person may already experience. They may

even be atypical migraines. (This is often the case with me. The

symptoms of the atypical migraines I have often resemble a

stroke: left-side weakness, loss of mental focus, slurred speech,

severely pale skin - I turn whiter than notebook paper - and,

eentually, loss of consciousness. Not always do they get that

bad. Mild ones, I just get spacey, and my left hand can't grip as


Personally, I love to dance, listen to music, do artwork (when it's

notschool stuff - I'm an art major), watch TV, go to movies and

concerts, and cook. I spend lots of time with my friends and

fiance on the weekends, just hanging out. I'm going to a music

festival in my hometown this weekend and getting my third

tattoo next week.

See, we do lots of stuff that normal people do, because we ARE

normal. ^.^

Someone once came to me saying: Im not sure whats wrong with me but i have a thirst for other vampire blood? should i see someone about my problem or keep it to myself?.

I feel that a correction is needed here. If you "thrist" for the blood of vampires than you are not a vampire yourself. That is because feeding from another vampire would pretty much be the same as self-feeding - which serves no purpose. If you were truly a vampire your own needs would not be met by such feeding.

You, more than likely, have a blood fetish. And, since you seem drawn to the aesthetic of vampires by singling them out & identify yourself as one, you are probably a vampire lifestyler.

Here a random question that people asks every blue moon: if vampires are real. would werewolves be real to

So I'm feeling rather kind at the moment so I will answer this.

No, Werewolves do not exist. The amount of physical transformation that must take place in the human body to become a Werewolf is biologically impossible. There are, however, Therians which are humans with a strong bond with a particular animal spirit.[/b]

These questions and answers are generalizations and basic, common answers. They are in no way absolute or black-and-white. Several of the topics are debated and people believe different things. This is a simplified guide only.

1: Can vampires have sex? Yes

2: Do vampires eat food? Yes

3: Do vampires sleep? Yes

4: Do vampires burn in the sunlight? No

5: Are vampires evil? No (depends on the individual)

6: If a vampire bites me will I turn? Yes but it depends where.

7: If I like the taste of blood does that make me a vampire? Not necessarily. You may simply have a blood fetish. Please do a search.

8: Do vampires have a master that they must serve? No

9: Does the person who turns you become your master? No, and that assumes that turning is possible, which is highly debated

10: Do all vampires belong to covens? No

11: Are all vampires automatically imbued with magical powers? No. These are gifts learned through time that every person, vampire or not, can do.

12: Are vampires and Lycan's enemies? No?and "Lycan", for the most part, is a rping term

13: What are my chances of being turned when I ask online? Slim to nil...

14: Do vampires kill their victims? No

15: Why do victims hate to be called victims? Because they are not victims. They are called donors. It is a consensual relationship.

16: Do mortals and immortals associate with each other? Yes, assuming one believes in immortals

17: Are vampires superior? No

18: Are mortals lesser beings? No

19: Was Dracula a vampire? No

20: Is Elizabeth Bathory a vampire? No

21: Can vampires have children? Yes, assuming there is no medical reason why they cannot.

22: How many different kinds of vampires are there? Sanguinarian vampires (Mortal), Psi/energy vampires (Mortal), Immortal vampires (immortal), and reincarnated vampires (Mortal)

23. What do vampires want from humans? It depends on the person

24. Why won?t vampires change people? It is a personal decision. Also, there is debate if vampires can change people and on how it is done.

25. Is it true that a vampire must drink enough blood to the point of death and then give his own blood to the one he wishes to turn in order for the person to turn? It is still up for debate how or if a person is changed into a vampire.

26. Will a stake through the heart kill a vampire? A stake through a heart will kill just about anyone, whether they're a vampire or not.

27. Can anyone make me a half vampire? No?there is no such thing and you aren?t likely to be made, anyway

28. Can you be born a vampire? Yes

29. Do vampires do normal, everyday things? Yes

30. Do crosses hurt/repel vampires? No

31. Does garlic keep away vampires? No

32. Does turning someone have anything to do with the blood of Christ? No

33. Does the blood of Christ have anything to do with making someone an Immortal? No

34. How do you know if you are a vampire? Vampires have a requirement to feed on energy to survive. Fetishists simply like it, but are fine if they don?t. It's something you have to decide for yourself.

35. How do you know what type of vampire you are? By how you feed and if you are mortal or not (you don?t need to ask the second part?you should know)

36. Do vampires bite people? Not like in the movies

37. Are there vampire hunters? In fiction, or they are humans, murdering another person

38. Do vampires turn into bats or have anything to do with bats? No

39. What is it like to have a vampire lover? The same as a human one

40. Are vampires just sick people or insane people? No

41. Do vampires have fangs? No


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