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Name: 4Persephone
Location: Tamaqua, PA
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 11 Dec 2009

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My name given name is Michelle, but I also go by Persephone. I am 29 years old and I am an Empathic Clairvoyant. I have been using Tarot as part of my divination technique for about 13 years now. I first realized that I had a gift(which at the time seemed like a curse)when I was 10 years old. I had predicted only days before that my seemingly healthy Grandfather was about to pass on,many times before I had known things and was able to make things happen & I thought that I was bad or there was something wrong with me until the day my paternal grandfather died. I was so distraught and couldn't figure out why no one would listen to me when I would tell them these things,being an innocent child I had no idea about the powers that I possessed. after the news of my grandfathers death, My maternal grandmother told me that the things that have been happening to me are not bad and I shouldn't be afraid, It is a gift passed down in our family through her grandmother(my mother's Family is Native American and Cajun/Creole)The "gift" is mostly manifested in the women,but the men are more sensitive and have good intuition. She told me that the power of the spirit is strong in me and I should learn how to channel my energies to use them for good and helping others. I am still learning how to do this it has been 19 years since I was told about it. There are so many gray areas in life and my usefulness isn't always acting for the "good". I also am able to communicate with spirits, they come to me at the strangest times and show me things and speak to me, not by words out loud, but to my spirit I can understand them. My friends all come to me for advice or to cast a spells, but none of them possess any type of power that can be projected with out extensive training on their part, LOL. I sometimes feel so alone in my quest for knowledge and my power with in the only other people in my family who share my "gift" are cousins who have turned to Drugs rather than embrace it, I guess they can not handle it. I am hoping to find what I have been searching for here.


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