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Name: PoisonShadow
Birthday: Jun 18 1991
Location: New York
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 17 Feb 2014

Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
Hello. My name is Drake. I am 18 years old and I live in New York. I would like to say, I am emo, thank you very much. I have a black cat and a dog. My cat's name is Xeohelios and my dog's name is Tiberius. So, yeah. I enjoy music. Okay, about magic. I love practicing it. I usually make my own stuff, if you know what I mean. ;) Um. I practice both black and white magic. I practice by myself. And I have never believed in Vampires until I tried one of this site's summoning spells. :) It was a GREAT experience. xD I also need a magical name. I can't decide between Pythios Thor, Lucian Sartana, or Lucifer Shiva.

Pythios is the name of a dragon. Thor is the god of sky and thunder.

Lucian is a vampire and Sartana was his name before he was resurrected.

Lucifer is the god of the sun and light. Shiva is the god of the universal cycle of birth-death-rebirth.

Please give me suggestions. You can chose a listed one, switch them around, or make one up. Thanks! :)

Eye color: Blue/Silver

Hair color: Black

Piercing: Snake bites

Tattoo: A reaper (left arm), a skull crying blood (back), and a pentagram (lower back).

What I Am: Vampire/Medium

Years in Magic: 8 (started at age 10)

Favorite Colors: Black, crimson, very dark purple, and midnight blue.

Skin Color: Very light

Height: 6'1"

Spirit Weapon: Katana

Spirit Weapon's Name: Tetsugaya Hishiro

Favorite Elements: Fire, electric, and shadow.

Orientation: Gay

Status: Single

Music: Emo, screamo, punk, metal, death metal, love metal, rock, etc.

Spirit Animal: Haven't found it yet. I need help with this.

Favorite Animals: Wolf and falcon.

Strongest Element(s): Darkness and fire combined.

Spirit Element: Darkness

My Past Name: Vanargand.

Favorite Things to Summon: Chloroformins(balls of dark energy with a concience mind), Dragon Chimera(Beast of flame and ice) Ghosts, Ghouls(not like the ones on tv), Skeleton men, Lizardmen, the Elements, Manticore(beast of wind and earth), Wraiths, Vorns(Cute but vicious), Antlion(beast of sunlight), and Goat Chimera(beast of darkness)

-------------------------------------Vanargand: A sword comprised of dark matter that was named after the beast of destruction.

Everyone is born with a name, they are given one, and then they take one. I found my past name through meditation with my astral form. So, I could possibly have been someone's spirit weapon that was created, or I was named after a sword/beast. But yet, my spirit element is darkness, and darkness is my most powerful element.


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