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Name: Cynder9790
Location: Dragon City
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 12 Feb 2010

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Hi my name is Cameron and I am 19. My starsighn is Cancairien, my ruling planet is pluto and my spelling and grammer are probeby extreamly bad. I believe in all manner of magical creatures including




Angels,___Dragons ect. Some people may say i'm imature and they may say that majic is nothing but one jigantic fairytail and theres no froof it exists. But there is proof they just don't know how to find it. Some of my deepest lightest (Because i don't have dark) desires

are to create and monipulate electricity and to do pritty mutch the same thing with wind(air) and in dooing so gain the power of flight. I'm also studying telekineesis but I'm so new at my electrokinetic powers the only thing i'v been able to do so far is fry the microchips in my wireless internet reciever(I am currently using mums). So I need to study and gain better control(because I only wanted to weaken the connection strenth a bit) but if anyone can help please send me onsite mail.

I believe anything is possable it just takes faith, determination, willpower and beleafe. evenchually you will sucseed.

I also believe THERE ARE NO limatations.

If it can be imagened or dreamed it Can be done so my advice is beleave in your heart, beleave in your self and beleave in your own magic and magical powers and abillitys.

Do that and not even the sky or heavens will be the limits.

Rember THERE ARE NO! limatations other than whot you beleave is possable.

oh almost forgot please don't lisen to anyone who trys to crush your dreams or try's to bring you down in any way okay try and you cannot fail

Happy dream forfilling.


try this spell and send me feedback mail on any tweeks i may need to do before i add it in the coven spell book

First concentrate on the creature you wish to bacome and also imagen yourself transforming into it(maby try to imagen it with the abillity to speake english if you want to reverse the spell)

Also good to have an unyeilding resolve to becoming that creature.


I call apon my inner power to grant me my hearts disire,

A(Creature name)is what I wish to be by my power so mote it be.

try it and help me improve it or edit it yourself and send me your versions ether may this spell will aventually werk enjoy.


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