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Name: Ravenelle
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 13 Feb 2016

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My name is Ravenelle.But I like to be called Raven, Rave, Ra-Le,Demon,Midnite,or even Angel.You'd be able to know I got the nicknames Demon and Midnite if I tell you.My birthday is on January 1st.Although,when you ever see me,I may look,sound,and act older,I'm only 8 years old.When you think I wouldn't understand some of the things you're saying,you're wrong.I don't have any family because my past and family are a mystery,but my mom takes care of me.She adopted me when I was born.Her name is Phoenix-Shadow.I don't know who my family is.All I can remember is my name,age,birthday,and also a few other things.Here's a warning:NEVER HURT OR UPSET ANY OF MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS OR YOU'LL REGRET IT.Okay well I'm going to post my poems and even stories below my profile when I can.I'm sure you'll love them^_^

The world is not as it seems.Everyone needs to know the truth,even if it they don't want to hear it.But can they handle it? I think they will.Some things are hard to explain,but at least they'll know everything.Will anyone believe or listen to anything I say?I don't really think people is ever going to believe a little girl.All I know is that my life will change much more than it has before if I tell anyone...

My Dark World As You See It:

In my world,

All that I own is the Darkness

All that is "weird" to you

is perceived to be normal by me

What you may think is "strange"

is what I will call "beautiful"

You may turn away

from what I call "interesting"

But Who Cares?

My world is for me

Dark Child:

Can one be so empty?

So cold and heartless?

Allowing no one to touch them....

To hear nothing but hatred

Until the angle falls upon them

Until her black wings are out stretched

Watching them always,

Waiting to capture,

Death awaits them

Not knowing they'll end,

End for their crimes,

End for the hurt and pain caused

Onyx eyes they see

Yet character unknown to them

Character no one can described......

The eyes capture them

They want to know

To see, to help, to fill with happiness.

She is happy doing what's right

Those wings show pretty and untouched

The eyes around the onyx is a hint of gleam

She's there watching, waiting

There to help, to see the weak become strong

Strong with her help to take their pain

She's happy for them

She's known the feeling

Always going to her place

Her love and he's happy

Happy to see her fight

Fight for the right

For the innocent......

Yet is she innocent

Many wonder why she's this way

Allowing no one near her

Not even her own

Standing back watching her pain

Watching her suffering

Taking others sufferings away

Putting it in her

She takes those away

Making sure the innocent are avenged

Yet allowing no hope for her self

Allowing no love

Just blackness

No heart, nothing, for she is the darkness that falls on them...

Black Rose:

I am the black rose,

Among all the red

And though no one knows

I have no tears to shed

Covered in the ashes

That I burned myself

I am buried in my past

And what I have dealt

I probably should have known

That I?d pay for what I have done

But the truth is, I?ve grown

And in the end I have won

There is much I have learned

Despite the circumstances,

And I know I didn?t really earn

All those second chances

I didn?t even try my best

All I did was play my game

I failed the unwritten test

Smothering me in charcoal shame

It was only later did I see

Who I had become

Lost in a red, red sea

And I the only black one

I am sure beneath the waves,

Trapped in memories and time,

There are a few we didn?t save

And who we?ll never find

But as I stand here,

And look around this garden

Few friends remain there

While so many have fallen

In the weeds that keep returning,

And in the colorless world of green

It?s hard to keep on yearning

For what used to be seen

A rainbow of flowers, old and new

Without much clutter

And the enemies few

But it?s this - that makes me shudder

To think what we had in our hands,

What has drifted and fell

From soil, to sand

Who we once were - no one can tell

This garden is astray in a drought

Trapped in sea of troubles

It?s not a wonder I don?t stand out

Lost in this cloud of rubble

We are in black and white

This overrun garden of rotten seeds

The flowers left have no light

Forgotten in lost creeds

So I suppose that is why

No one really missed me

And that?s the reason I don?t cry

For what may be

We are in a pit of gray

So it?s easy to misplace,

In this dark without day,

One single face

I stay in my corner now,

Watching the garden overflow

Though I severally doubt

Anyone really knows

What this mess of flowers, and weeds,

Crawling in and out every spring,

Really did for me,

Or what it really means

This blooming blossom, forgotten,

Who no longer has a place,

Has found a home in?

This grayish little space

And I even though I took root,

So long ago, no one really knows

That I will never be moved,

This girl, this, black rose


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