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Name: Mercy17
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 03 Feb 2010

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message me anytime ^^

nickname(s)- mini moon and pinky(bcuz of my hair lol)

more awesome photos in album btw ^^

a lot of ppl have been asking me about my hair/look so this is 4 every1 out there who wants to know

How To Look Like Mercy ^^

Things You'll Need:

1. Pink hair dye.

2. A good hairstylist.

3. Long hair/extensions

4. A straightening iron and curling iron and hot rollers.

5. High quality colorful clip-in extensions.

6. A wide variety of tee shirts and blouses.

7. Skinny jeans, tights, and some skirts.

8. High heels, boots, pumps, stilettos, etc.

9. A TON of jewelery, rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc.

10. Some celebrity friends.(optional lol)

11. A photographer to take your photos and lots of them! :)

my look:

-First is the hair. You should have pink hair as your base color. Change it up sometimes though, for some weeks you can have a black under layer, then the next time, switch it to white tips. Make sure your hair is long in length, it can be naturally long or it can be extensions.Make sure to have light layers. And be sure your hair is big in volume. For a quick color fix, be sure to have different colored clip-in extensions handy: high quality ones, not ones that look like part of some wig. Be sure to have it wavy/curled most of the time, but for special occasions, have it straight or super super curly. Occasionally wear it up in some sort of style, but most of the time let it stay loose and flow-y. Side bangs are always good.

-For make up: Wear black eyeliner, black mascara, pink blush, clear lip gloss, and if necessary, cover-up. MAC and Nars are good choices of makeup. For special occasions, wear a red or pink lipstick and a lot of blush.

-my clothing. When it comes to clothes,I wear many things. For tops, I wear old shredded band tees, baby-doll tops, floral blouses, Hello Kitty tees, etc. For bottoms it's usually skinny jeans. Mainly black, but sometimes different colors, like red or maybe pink- sometimes gold.I also wear many tights in crazy colors and patterns, from metallics to leopard print. Go crazy and mix it up, just like me. For shoes, I tend to wear heels, in all different colors and shapes. And be sure that when it comes to jewelery, over accessorize.

- Get a Sidekick phone. Be sure it has a bunch of charms. Hardly ever talk on it.just text and take pictures.

-Skelanimals now and 4eva! i love 'em! ^^

"dont toot your own horn...BLARE IT!!" -Mercy

"weird is the new black" -Mercy


Q-Is your real name Mercy?


Q-Where are you from?


Q-Is that your hair?

A-Yes the only thing that is not is the color

Q-Do you have a boyfriend?


Q-Do you want 1?


Q-When is your BDay?

A-Valentines day

Q-Whats your favorite color?

A-hmm... i have more than one: purple black neons and pin...well u should know that one XD

Q-is that brendon urie in one of your pics?



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