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Name: Solsus
Location: I dont know,still searching for my place in the world
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 09 Jan 2016

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Hello, my name is Ian and i live in Greece, i prefer to be adressed to as Drakor ( the name i chose to use as a sorcerer ),I am 19 years old.

I want to learn Fire Magick and Light Magick. If I could find someone to teach me I will reach my full potential as an apprentice!

I am very new with magick.

I love music and i have been practising the guitar for 13 years now. I also like medieval fantasy adventure books.

If you need any more information about me, mail me and if it is appropriate i will reply

Darkness and Light :

Run not from the darkness. Shield not your

eyes from the light. Embrace the darkness as

well as the light. For does the light not cast

shadows? And without the dark, how can we know

light? Both are one and the same, separate yet


As left and right, as male and female, as up and

down, are dark and light. Without one, the other can

have no meaning. As they are but two phases of the

same energy, know that in darkness, there is light.

And in light, there is darkness.

Root: open (25%)

Sacral: open (56%)

Navel: open (69%)

Heart: open (38%)

Throat: open (69%)

Third Eye: open (69%)

Crown: under-active (12%)

The Re-emergence

I. Historical Traces of Dragons.

A. Dragon were prevalent in humans pre-history. They talked to and assisted in

humans developing their first sense of time. Generally early humans only new the

present. The coming of dragons added in humans integrating the concepts of past

and future into our general consciousness.

B. Dragons have provides humans with advance technologies. They contributed

heavily to the crystal and light technologies of Atlantis. Atlantian spiritual

immaturity and arrogance resulted in dragons withdrawing back across the void.

Atlantis fell within a decade of the last dragon's return to Drakonia.

C. Methusala was a dragon priest as a pre-teen which accounted for his long life. The

order of Malchesdek was rumorred to have many dragon lords.

D. Merlyn became a dragon wizard in his twenties and probably became a dragon

lord. His most powerfull magics drew from the earths on life force through the

symbiont relationship with his dragon.

E. The celts generally had one of the largest group of individuals with the talent.

During the first millennium there were usually many riders in each generation and

a couple of them reached wizard level. They tended to group together in various

area throughout Europe and the British Isles.

1. At various times groups were established in the Carpathian Alps, Pyrenees,

Black Forest, Scottish highlands, and as far east as the Urals.

2. The legendary Lock Ness Monster is a reclusive stranded dragon of the

late middle ages.

3. In Russa, Nostradamus was rumored to be a crippled dragon brother

plagged with a dragons visions of the future. Rasputin at the turn of the

century may also have been a dragon cousin.

F. In Asia from time to time dragon brothers and sensei's have arisen.

1. A sect of monks and nuns in the Tibetan mountain establish a community

of dragon brothers. This community pursued the developement of mystic

powers both within the symbiont realtionship and through individual

human enlightenment. Their guardianship of the mountain areas of Tibet

protect a large number of other religious orders providing a safe haven

from the aggression of neighboring China and India. It is reported that

during the 1700's when there was a major retreat of dragons across the

void, that whole mountains disappeared.

2. Several of the ancient Chinese dynasties were started under the advise of

dragon priests. Dragon sensei/priests created the predecessors to kung-fu

and Tai chi to help common folk defend themselves and establish a

balance of life affecting the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual

plains. Much of the dragon talent fled china in the 1600's and 1700's

migrating to Southeast Asia and elsewhere.

3. During the time of the Samurai in Japan several of the master swordsmen

were dragon brothers. Due to the symbiont relation with their dragons

these men had difficulty with some of the samurai culture. The symbiont

relation facilitate and independent judgement and spiritual commitment

that place the symbiont ahead of shogun, warlord, or other master. As a

result many of the dragon bound became ronin and warrior priests. A

couple of the legendary sword smiths were dragon masters applying

telekinetic skills to their art at the forge.

4. In Australia the aboriginal people manifest strong drakonian spiritual and

emotional talents but rarely manifest symbiotic relationships in the physical

world. Most of their manifestations tend toward connection with an

alternate dimension connected to the subconscious through there dream

world. One legend among the brotherhood indicates that a dragon

succumb to the drunkenness of his wizard and created the platypus as a

practical joke to play on Darwinian students in the future.

G. In the Americas riders could be found throughout the Andes and Rockies.

1. In ancient times a group of dragon riders and a dragon lord resided in the

plains area of Peru. There they created large scale celestial and dimensional

maps on the plains. When their dragon lord faded they migrated into the

amazon. Several centuries ago their decedents produced a number of

dragon priests who focused on expanding the biological diversity of the

rainforest seeding it with a wealth of medicinal products.

2. The Aztecs had dragon riders and wizards from time to time until one of

their wizards went insane after the death of his symbiont dragon. This mad

priest proceeded to murder most of the brotherhood and their Aztec


3. A counsel of dragon priests convened in the Black Hills area of the

Dakotas a thousand or so years before Columbus was born. Their council

dispersed the priests and brothers throughout the Indian nations. Their

mission to the tribes was to establish an ecologically sound tribal social

structure that respect the ecosphere. This dispersion diluted the talent

throughout North America resulting in smaller numbers of priest and

brothers and larger number of laymen or cousins. These cousins evolved

into tribal shamans and wisemen.

II. Re-imergence of Dragons.

A. Since the end of the middle ages the global consciousness has proceed in

directions incompatible with Drakonia. The materialism of the industrial

revolution and the rise of scientific method as predominant philosophies has

created a cultural resistance to the initial connections. As a result of the rise of

"modern" thought, a lot of even the most talented have never turned their minds

towards Drakonia.

B. Only in the last quarter of the twentieth century has there been a rise in intellectual

flexibility to tolerate the re-emergence of dragons. Drakonian interest in humans

has resurged. After the havoc of the middle ages and the negative response of

clerics dragons are extremely reluctant to manifest in the phiysical plane. Modern

dragons for the most part have remained invisible. This also reduces the confusion

their presence would cause with military inteligence apparatus. Much of the un-

explained radar and other strange sightings that have feed the UFO theories are

actually dragon sightings. As new age, holistic, and mystical spheres of

knowledge expand dragon manifestation should increas. Public physical

manifestations are expected to be a rare but know phenomenon by the middle of

the 21st century.


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