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Name: spiritboy1
Birthday: Apr 17 1993
Location: gagged and idk y o well lol
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 25 Apr 2015

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
my name is ray

i am 17,

my third eye has been open for 4 yrs.

My spiriit animals are a wolf and a owl.

i mostly do white magic.

but occasionaly ill do watever catches my eye.

im rly only here to learn but it never hurts to make friends.

I c spirits some clearer than others.

My element is fire.

if you have any questions about me ask and ill try to answer.

also im from the country so i will use words like y'all.

i am bisexual so if it offends u im sry.

lol im also a very random person so:P.

my favorite songs would have to be then there was you, love like crazy, lover lover, and drinkin beer and wastin bullets.

i do not know everything i will try to help but if i cant im sry.

but srsly dont hesitate to ask.

and now two of my fav poems.

one bright day in the middle of the night

two dead boys got up to fight

back to back they face one another

drew their swords and shot eachother

a deaf police man heard the noise

he came and he killed those two dead boys

and if you believe this tale is tall

ask the blind man he saw it all

"artist unkown"

Late last night and the night before,

Tommyknockers, Tommyknockers,

knockin' on the door,

Wanna go out cant tell if I can,

'Cause I'm so 'fraid of the Tommyknocker man

One day soon, one day after,

They tried on my sanity with hellacious laughter,

I wanna go to bed, I wanna go to sleep

But I can't ,cause of the damned Tommyknockers creeps

A month to soon, a month to late,

I realize all there tricks were bait,

Its only when they scream that I can't escape,

I gotta run and never slow down,

Gotta keep moving cause the Tommyknockers are around

They followed me to the abandoned mine,

I can see them now, spirits without a shine,

It?s too dark to see, too dark to walk,

I gaze at my entrance, it's been blocked

I climb a shaft and cut my hand on a rock,

In pain, I grabbed a lose wooden block,

I noticed I let go of the wall,

The Tommyknockers win, I lose and I fall,

I awoke in a nice warmbed,

I remember I fell... what the hell, I'm not dead?

I stand up and I turn transparent,

Its dark now and I feel abandonment,

I have become what I used to fear,

I'm a Tommyknocker or so I hear

Late last night and the night before,

Tommyknockers, Tommyknockers knockin' on her door,

Want's to go out don't know if she can,

'Cause she's so 'fraid of ,me, the Tommyknocker man

*idk who wrote it*


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