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Name: Evilyn
Location: in the shadows...
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 05 Feb 2010

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Personal Bio
Okay,I'll tell you some things about myself.





Magick-Both black and white magick


Fav. Color-Black and Red

Fav. Animal-Dragon

Eye color-Black

Hair color:Black


In case you're wondering,I can really control the darkness.People think they know know me well.But they're wrong.I don't care if anyone hates me because of what I can do.My sister is my best friend.And we both think alike.And don't ever make me mad because anything can happen..But you should know this:I am a princess.My other account is ShadowRose.If you read it,then it will tell you more about me.If you want to know anything else about me,just ask me or my sister[PrincessLuca]

Through My Eyes:

My soul belongs to the darkside

I can feel it inside

So with the shadows at night I ride

I'll rather die then to loose my pride

There is alot I bottle up, there is more I hide

Like a superhero with my cape I want to glide

And leave this world behind

In my own place forever I wanna reside

I've been lied to and I've also lied

Sometimes I wish I was born with a guide

To this world with so much pain that will never subside

There is alot I've done and there is still more to try

Im tired of living but i also don't want to die

Discover Darkness:

Upon the darkened night

lurking shadows surrounded light

tormenting weak suffering grains of being

summoning broken souls in a legion for healing

No more tears shall be shed

living life like you are dead

giving darkness your bloody flesh

no mercy dwells in heated breath

To stand strong once again

sucking brutality out of your veins

retaliating against those impure

giving back the pain you once endured

Brave souls fallen into night

walking mist upon the moonlight

renewing flesh and bone with steel

darkness a lifetime deal

Down in Darkness:

I'll take you down into my darkness

but you will not be alone

I'll take you deep inside my pain

but you will not feel a thing

grasping, clutching, holding on

to what I cannot hold

drowning in a sea of black despair

I linger here as a thought

desire and death hold hands

walking the path of my blood and bones

stripping the flesh of my memories

burning inside so cold

these fires burn

but do not warm me

chilled inside and dead

empty, alone, forgotten

I'll take you down into my darkness

but I will no longer be alone

I'll take you deep inside my pain

but I won't feel you there

I can't feel you there

Silent Scream:

As I sit alone in silence

My Mind Begins to wander

Thinking impure and evil thoughts

All the evil i can conjure

There is a Haunting force in my life

That haunting force is me

Am i really who i think i am

Or just a figment of the real me

My mind wanders for days

But the urges have not been put to effect

Not Because I want to

But due to mental neglect

My Nerves are on fire, tingling

I have that urge to kill

I want to hear those screams of pain

I want your blood to spill

Look into my eyes what is it you see?

The bloodlust of a killer or an urgent life sparing plea

Whatever it is i dont really care

I begin to slice your veins

The blade pierces your skin

But i am the one in pain

You stare right back at me

Killers intent in your eyes

Now i know what is meant when they say

If you kill the soul the body eventually dies

As the silent scream escapes my lips

Our worlds are ripped apart

I stab your chest i grab my own

The blade has pierced my own heart

So in the end it was too late to understand

But i can clearly see

The silent killer and silent screamer

One and the same they were me

The silent scream the haunting force

That is the power of the silence of the mind

Hidden Darkness:

Do you see the hate in my eyes?

Building, brewing, burning inside me.

It's pure, it's evil.

Do you recognize my sins?

Do you see how far gone I am?

I'm lost to an eternity of mental bliss.

A false perception of happiness.

My eyes, they show the extreme loathe in other people.

Small gateways to hell, resting in my skull.

Look into me, see the bitter reality.

See the hidden truths.

I foresee your pain, and I'm the one to cause it.

Give yourself to me.

This hate, it overcomes you.

You are succumbed to my deathly existence.

One touch, you're mine.

One glare, you're mine.

I am all that is horrible in the world.

I feed your dark desires, and I listen to the negative.

My smile is filled with pure lunacy.

I feel nothing, I am not real.

Look into my pools of fire, let me in.

You cannot resist me, I am a constant temptation.

Inhale my fiery gloom, exhale your darkest thoughts.

I will cleanse the body of all good, and happy.

Feel me tear at your emotions.

Look into my black eyes, filled with such hate, and redeem yourself.

Privilege yourself to free vengeance.

I can give it all to you.

Stare into me.

Feel me in you.

You're mine.

Darker Side of Me:

Burning alive inside

this power thrives

corrupting my soul

and making me unwhole

i know this mirror lies

that image cannot be

fear takes over

so i run...

run from myself

run from this world

i run...

but i cant escape...

the darker side of me

has taken a bite of me

torn apart my being

and is killing me inside

the darker side of me

will i ever be free

you cant save me now

its already taken over

that cloaked man

those soul peircing eyes

they tainted me as i died,

this gaping hole

its filled with hate

death changes everything

so now i run...

run to you

run for i shall kill you

i run...

for i have become...

the darker side of me

now encased in me

has given this power

to darken the brightest days

the darker side of me

is slowly guiding me

i will forever hunt you

until we meet again...

the darker side of me

has taken a bite of me

so now i run

for ill never be free

Forgotten Realms:

Can you taste the dream of death

Can you tell I have nothing left

Can you see the end of eternity

Can you see the dark side of me

Take the blame for their past

No use fighting the back lash

You come and go so fast

In your head you cannot last

Now I spend

All my time

In the forgotten realms of my mind

Searching faces for a sign

That everything will be just fine

BUt nobody wastes their timeOn anyone of My kind

So I walk that dark, dark line

In the forgotten realms of my mind.

Gotten burned by the righteous flame

Taking and giving is all the same

Unable to break this chain

Falling victim to the game

Endless death inside of me

Cold heart burning for eternity

Darkness and Light:

My vision goes fuzzy.

My RAGE held at bay.

My concentration lacking.

as with any other day.

Soon it will be dawn

The time of light.

My ancient enemy.

Will rise for the fight.

The cycle begins

Again and again.

Dark into light

Day into night.

Repeat and retry

Over and over.

I know the war is going.

I know I can't lie.

To see the cold ending...

It holds heat at bay

Sunlight is boring

Darkness will win the day

My Mind's Eye:

If you were here

I'd whisper sweet nothings in your ear

And appeal to all your fears

If you were mine *If you were only mine*

I'd bring you so much further down

And twist your mind until the end of time

You will never realize

What darkness lies inside

inside my mind

If you are down

I will come to chain you to the ground

And penetrate your mind.

If you are lost *if only you are lost*

I'll be there to break your trust

And ravage all your lust for life

You will never realize

What darkness lies inside

inside my mind.

You will never realize

What darkness lies inside

inside my mind


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