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Name: Flagg
Location: Immersed in the Immaterium
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 28 Aug 2015


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I am Not here to tell you what you want to hear. And if I tell you something that you don't like the sound of, remember I warned you.

I would Very much prefer you ask an intelligent question, or a Legitimate question, than demand I cast a spell for you. If I can tell you are being serious and truly want to learn by asking, then I will respond to the best of my ability. I resent being treated like a genie you found in a bottle, I will not hesitate to be acidic and scathing in the way I speak to you if this is how you treat me. Consider how insulting some requests are before you make them.

Available to discuss, in fact I enjoy a good discussion. There is a world of difference between dispensing advice, a rousing debate, and teaching or mentor-ship. Do try to keep that in mind, won't you?

-I am not teaching others. It would be nice if people stopped asking.

If you are reading this, chances are the answer is No.

I firmly believe that magic should be experienced first hand. All the spellbooks and information in the world means utterly nothing if you're unwilling to apply yourself.

Eventually in magic you will be faced with a choice. The choice to make it an actual lifestyle or to continue with it as an interest or hobby. For those who feel the call of knowledge, who seek change and experience beyond that which is presented to us as the norm and ideal.. For you I say make this choice when you are ready and it will open up whole new worlds of experience for you.

We are gods, each and every one of us. We hold limitless potential and unlimited knowledge, we simply have forgotten this.

The masters and ancients didn't have any ultimate secrets for power and knowledge, they are who they are because they accepted the basics. The basics are truly the great secret to magic, because if you can learn them and adapt them to you and your life you can evolve and grow magically as your path draws you. No shortcuts, no excuses.

Think on this: To release control, is to gain control. Trust is key, and sometimes we need to relearn how to trust Ourselves.

I think everyone should read " " even if you disagree with Tomekeeper on many points its a facinating site.

I am the Darkness, the Darkness is me. My soul is the Master, the Dark is the Key.

- Mantra


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