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Name: haibane
Location: in the darkest realm of all...
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 21 Aug 2009

Membership: Member

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*****DO NOT ask me for my age ppl! im serious!! i dont want some weirdo stalkin if u ask, u get ignored, got it? sheesh, if i want u to know, ill tell you... -.-;*****

hiii all, im here to make friends since ive been doin magic a long time but i dont have anyone to talk about it with -.-' sucks livin in the middle of nowhere...if i didnt have the internet id asplode! o.O

but anyway if you need help with stuff feel free to ask and ill do my bestest ^.^

my main focus is dragon magick, its what ive practiced ever since i interested in and dabble in a lot of other things though XD

when im not on here i like to...

*watch anime (soul eater, bleach, naruto, death note, code geass, tsukuyomi moon phase, rozen maiden, sayonara zetsubo sensei, lucky star...and a bunch more! x.x so

*read manga (vampire knight, clover, magic knight rayearth, chobits, .hack GU, kingdom hearts)

*play video games (i love so many x.x but right now im playin eternal poison and shin megami tensei: devil survivor)

oh i also preordered aion and stuff, im gonna be asmodian :D i wanna make a guild on there for emos, goths, witches, and other people who are misunderstood...cuz the asmodians are totally that, the elyos think they are evil but thats so not true! D: lets teach em a! oh btw, we can do other games like wow and stuff too, theres this other game called requiem bloodymare that i like its so bloody yay! lol wow im weird. XD maybe we could do that one too, its one of those free game things so we could all do it...if ur interested pm me :D

*listen to music (thursday, girugamesh, d'espairsray, aural vampire, taking back sunday, dashboard confessional...and a bunch more, lol i like a lot of stuff XD)

*make clothes and jewelry (im really into gothic lolita/gothic aristocrat fashion and stuff...i get the gothic lolita bible in english whenever a new one comes out ^.^ i like the patterns and tutorial stuff in going to wear my hair to school like it has in the winter 09 issue :D)

feel free to mail me if you wanna be friends or talk about cool stuff :D or if youre interested in my aion guild, that would be awesome too XD


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