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Name: RiMuffin
Location: That one place
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 01 Aug 2011

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hiya :] My name is Riley Michelle Sweet and I am the biggest goober you will ever meet .

I believe that there is good in everyone , and I'd love to help you find it . I am new to spells , so please bear with me . I am also a cartoonist X__x

I love to cheer people up so if you have anything you need to work out , even if you don't know me at all , I am here for you .

Facts about meh :D

- I am a vegan

- I play the ukelele

- I go on pretty intense adventures when I'm bored

- I'm bored 83% of the time

- I bet I can beat you at a staring contest

- My eyes are grey-turquoise . I figured it out :D

- If I look zoned out , it's probably because I am .

- My big brother is Kegan . He's almost as cool as me :P

- I have a dog named Jack , an overweight goldfish named Pico Manson Krouton , and a wolf named Tattoh

- I like to dress up like a zombie when I'm bored

- Sometimes , I sing while I am speaking to you

- I can't rollerblade

- I am a bit of an misanthrope , but I'll still be your friend

- My imagination is insanely active

- I tend to break out in dance alot

- I put alot of unnecessary emphasis on some words

- I do not wear my heart on my sleeve . If I give you mt heart , I hope you don't break it

- I absolutely love every genre of music

- Why yes , I will give you a hug

- Please give me a nickname . I will love you

- Sticks and stones may break my bones , but words will always hurt me

- I have fake confidence , but it's better than none

- You can always come to me if somethings troubling you

- I am very self conscious about my appearance

- Spiders . They scare thee HELL out of me

- Seriously , I frekkin HATE spiders !

- Pee-Wee Herman is simply ah-mazing

- I bet you can make me laugh

- I would love to live in San Fransisco

- If not there , then Pismo Beach

- Ed Edd and Eddy . Now there's a great show .

- Cuddling is what I love the most

- When I listen to ColdPlay , I feel passionate XD

- I think I'd name my son Ozzy , Eddie , or Johnny

- And My Daughter Shilo Sweet , Betty Sweet , Jonny Sweet , Randy Sweet or Dylan Sweet .

- I can be the meanest person you've ever met in a bad mood

- I'm extremely loyal to everyone

- I can rant about anything for hours

- When children cry in public places , I really just want to beat them

- I like to doodle :P

- Due to some trust and abandonment issues , I have a bit of a guard up

- Don't define me by how I look . Get to know me before you judge me

- I really want a hamster , but my mama keeps saying no :[

- Teach me to play the guitar , please .

- I have my own language . It's the shet :D

- I never say 'just kidding' , I just assume you already know I am

- I can live off of candy and soda

- I love hair:3

- I really hate Twilight . But , I do love vampires

- Vintage is just incredibly cool

- I actually know all of the the words to pretty much every My Chemical Romance or Johnny Cash song XD

- It's actually hard to make me cry , but after a while of build up I will break down

- I'm a Scorpio . Astrology is pretty accurate for me .

- I'm in love with fire and water . Weird , eh ?

- I think Charles Manson is a very interesting man .

- E ! True Hollywood Stories are cool

- If zombies ever come , I'll be in my attic crying .

- Gary Busey is a genius

- Pirates are just frekkin tight

- I'll add on if I come up with anything else :P


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