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Name: Pariah
Location: Northwest GA
Gender: Male
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For areas of magick that are forbidden, too dark, or too misunderstood check out

It is at this site where everything is open, it is a totally open forum for ppl who practice magick to discusss their ideals, philosophy, and magickal interest. It is not a site for those who are young and cannot handle some of the subject matter, nor is it a sight for role playing.


I am a solitary raven

Amongst a flock of doves

Alone in the darkness

Void of all my loves

The only thorn

Upon a now dying rose

A flower forever forgotten

As time ebbs and flows

I am the darkness

Around a candles light

A sea of emptiness

Candle barely in sight

I am simply Pariah

The wandering outcast

But still I must wonder,

Will wandering ways last?


December 8, 2009

First, let me say I do not claim any total alligence to one particular belief. I do however lean more to the area of Christianity but I have begun to form my own philosophy that is unique when held in comparison to any other belief currently around, at least in my own opinion. If you wish to know more, I plan on posting some of my ideas on the site, or you can just always ask. The only thing I ask when talking to me is DO NOT argue, you are not here to argue, but to discuss the purpose, ideas, and goals around the general practice of magic and other general theologies. You are here to grow as a person! Also, just for reference, things that make me mad: excessive ignorance, stupidity, or pride (aka ignorance), people who approach a site like this with a closed mind. And now time for a lil bit of paradox, I HATE UTOPIAN IDEOLOGY,however, with that being said, I will still listen to people with utopian ideas, but I challenge anyone to validate their points on the subject and show how such an idea can be plausible with the factor of human nature involved. Overall though, I am pretty laid back,calm, and try to be fairly thoughtful in my words. Well, if anyone wishes to know ne thing else, just let me know!I am goin to add something new here to my profile, I have listed my ablities and what not, and I just figured I would put up some of my familys psychic abilities too...

My Grandmother- She always had dreams that would come true about her friends while she was out of state...once when she lived in West Virginia she had a dream she was in a blue dress with yellow flowers in a coma...well, turns out one of her friends in GA was in a blue dress with yellow flowers and she didnt even know it!

My Mother- My mom is very empathic and has very slight telepathy skills, though her telepathy tends to only b with me. She also has dreams and precognitions and a lil skill with feeling spirits....

My Uncle- He really doesnt seem to have that much psychic ability to me, howeve, he does have one that I dont possess....he is actually able to see spirits...he can feel them as well, but he has me beat on seeing them...

My Brother- Well, my brother died when he was 12, but the ability that he had, b4 he died he knew that it was going to happen yet still went through with going swimming, I dont know why at all till this day...its true though, I swear on my life...

Personal Abilities/ Strengths- Empathy, Precognition, Telekinesis (only has happened twice),Telepathy, Dream interpretation,can feel/hear spirits, large amount of knowledge (Mainly in religion, theory, and the philosophy behind the religion and theory)

Personal Flaws/ Weaknesses- Lack of experience(experience is a different thing than knowledge btw) in application of any other type of magic besides my inate gifts, not always following instincts of my inate gifts, cockiness when it comes to my intellect (this usually only applys to those people who argue instead of discuss)

Good Quotes

"The heart has reasons, which reason does not know" B. Pascal

"The finite, will never be able to grasp the infinite..." Carl Jung

John 8:7 "But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her."

Proverbs 25:15 Through patience a ruler can be persuaded,

and a gentle tongue can break a bone.


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