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Name: Ravenspaw
Location: Mabank, Tx
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 13 Nov 2010

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Greetings to all! My name is Ravenspaw, a 15-year-old girl in Texas :/. I am the proud leader of a small pack by the name of Degotota. We are a group of six pretty close friends who all are into wicca. We all love nature and go exploring together whenever we can! 2 of my pack mates are on this site now actually XD. Shadow(my second in command/shamen), is the one who is using our pack's name for his user name(Degotoga), and Silverfang. Lets see... what to say... Well we base our coven on that of a wolf's pack, which is why we use terms like "pack" and "second in command/beta" and "alpha". And then we have "pack names" for each member, mine being Ravenspaw. Also we have our own animals that we go by. The members of our pack pick their favorite animals/creatures and thats how we come up with our pack names. My animal is a wolf and raven mixed Garou, and Shadow's is a white tiger and magpie mixed Garou. My pics above show my pack mates as their animals, starting from the left is Shadow, Silverfang, Owl, Crimson and Starlight.((Crimson and Starlight's creatures are vampires)) lol We are weird. Any way we love to make friends, so if you want to chat with us then awesome! But do keep in mind, even as alpha I am still a little timid, but Shadow is more outgoing so he's the better pick to have a conversation with and Silverfang is pleasant to talk to. ^_^ Blessed Be!

Meh some more info ^^)

My Zodiac sign is Sagittarius, element being Fire. Fav. seasons are winter and fall. XD Ummm... My chinese Zodiac is the Rooster... My birth stone topaz and/or citrine. Ummmm.... Oh! I was born under the Waxing Gibbous. ^^) Love my moon phase! Ummnnummnummm... I'm kinda learning telepathic comunication with all life right now. And I guess I'll add that I have been practicing, or at least trying to, magic for about four years. Buuut I still have SO much to learn! Whoo! ^_^ Umm I think that might just be about it... lol

By the way...

The pics with the weird, black-haired kid is me! ^_^ And just some others that I took at home of stuff I thought was pretty awesome. XD So enjoy I guess! ^^D P.S. The lighting has to be my favorite out of them all! XD I was soooo lucky I got it!!! ^^D


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