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Name: Mystikal63
Location: California
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 04 Aug 2009

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I am Unique, Honest, Extremely Easy Going, Down to Earth, A Free spirit, A Hippie, and I Have a Great Sense of Humor. I am Playful and a Kid at Heart. I am Confident with a good self-esteem, Intuitive, Analytical, Organized, Detail Oriented...and A Good Listener. I Love Cats, Listen to classic rock & roll, collect Wizards, Witches, Fairies, Unicorns & Mystical Things, Enjoy Astrology & Sudoku. I love everything about the 60's & 70's. My favorite bands are Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. I have a Bachelor's degree, but am always taking more classes to keep learning new things. Currently I am working towards my Masters degree to become a Science teacher. I prefer the mountains, and I enjoy the beach at sunset. I'm not really into sports but love outdoor activities. I am divorced after being married 16 years. Now that I am divorced and single....I am looking forward to having another opportunity in life to start all over again...(in Sedona) and can hopefully someday find that special person to devote my life to...unconditionally!

I have always felt different from others that I meet. I believe that my grandmother was a witch and I feel that I have been blessed to have her abilities. I am extremely intuitive and know things before they happen. This is not an occassional occurence, but something that happens quite frequently on a daily basis. I have a deep interest in learning Wicca and developing my sixth sense (in a more controlled manner). I would like to learn spells so that I can change my life so good things will happen for me and rid the black cloud (abusive childhood) that has followed me throughout my life...I am a good person and want to have a good life!

I am a beginner and need someone who will be willing to teach me. I am a fast learner with a photographic memory, so it doesn't take me long to learn. I just need patience as words and terminology is new to me. I have quite a few Wicca books, The Witches Bible and Mystic Tarot Cards, Atrology books, dream books, numerology & palmistry books and books for developing the sixth sense... but do not know how to use any of them correctly.

I would like to meet people here that have the same interests in me. I know that Wicca, covens and the practice are not something found in the yellow pages and feel like I was meant to find this site to learn online instead of trying to locate a local coven.

I would greatly appreciate anyone who would be willing to help me learn!


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