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Name: vizard1
Location: Puerto Rico
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 22 Dec 2009

Membership: Member

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hello my name is Cristhian or vizard1. A member of the Council of Magical Knight Coven so if you whant to jouin are coven then just ask and if you need help then i will help you ok. Age 16 Years Old. I am a straight person and i also have love to joke and have fun in my life. I am from the Spell Caster cove since i work alone with the craft since i am the only person in my family who belived in magick or the craft. My friends know that i am kind and loyal i love to make new friends and have fun but i am very straight in the rule not that much but i don't like people who take magic as a joke or pepole that don't take stuff serestly whent there doing magic and people who think everthing is a joke. Now there is something you should know that for my friends and family i will willingly give my life for them. I love my friends and family very much. I aways the magic and love science and love to do reasher about everthing. I have a misson send from god and i will do everthing i can to complete it. But for all i'm a very good person.I also have love anime very much i mostly love gundam seed and gundam seed destiny.For all i am a good and kind person i also i enjoy seeking knowledge on all things in life past present and future knowledge is power.And please don't get me piss of i don't like pepole who send stupit maill to me if you whant to know about me then just send a maill and i will answer it but no stupit question ok and don't take andvange of me and my kind heart ok or i will do something ok but for all i get along with pepole and love joke etc. For all i am a good person ok.By the way taken or single I am taken by the most beautifull girl drogonlover she stold my heart and i love her and all ways will. No one beeter harm her or hurt her or i will make your life an unhappy life don't make me angury you won't like me when i am angury. My element: Fire My ruling planets: The Mars favorite Month: December

favorite Holiday: Christmas Favorite Season: Winter Hair Color: Brown Skin color: White Grade:11th Relationship: Relationship Left or Right Handed: Right Favorite Season: Winter Eye Color: Hazel eyes Hazel eye are often appear to shift in color from a light brown to a dark golden-green Hazel mostly consists of Brown and Green The dominant color in the eye can either be green or light brown/gold This can sometimes produce a multicolored iris, i.e., an eye that is light brown near the pupil and charcoal or amber/dark green on the outer part of the iris (and vice versa) when observed in sunlight In North America, hazel is often used to describe eyes that appear to change color and it it changr color by the clothes you weare cool right this was the definition of Hazel eye for pepole who don't know want Hazel eye are ok. I also was born to sing i love singing and are ready good at it i'm also going to learn how to play the guitar to.

Sign: Aries I'm learning how to astral project and open the thrid eye the psychic cakura eletrokinesis and phyrokinesis to. I also know matrial art shotokan only and i also play basketball. Lover: drogonlover I also put my real pic for my girlfriend can see whant do i look like . I am also after school I take millitary clasess i am in a normal school is just after school i go to take millitary clasess love you honey xoxoxoxoxo for you


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