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Name: Graveyardboy
Last Seen: Sun, 27 Sep 2009

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I'm 13 year old Boy, named Jesse, but rather to be call Mort (altho no one call me it) because it mean 'Death' in french. also... I have no friend, but if you count the moon as a friend, then I have 1.

my bleeding heart are not for you, so if you want to be my friend, let just say Hope can get you somewhere... my favorite place is graveyard... filled with DEAD bodies.

children flee from me, the adult begged for mercy (not really)

just remember, anytime, anywhere, the graveyard is waiting... FOR YOU!

I also a stalker, don't believe me, laughing at this message, then why I'm watching you right now, that right, I'm watching you reading this message.

peace out my little victim, just remember, I'm always watching you with my cold, evil eyes.

wonder why I'm support and worship the demons? because god betrays all of my prayers, that right I use to be a christain when I was very little, as I was saying I have no friends right, well I have this dog that been with me for 2 month named elvis, he was a newborn when I saw him (one of my other dog gave birth) and when Elvis was really sick, I pray god not to take his life, after all he was 2 month old, way to young. and guess what, he died right in front of me when I was 8 year old, my parent were out shopping and when I call them, they rush home but they arrive too late. so that night, I decided from now on, I'm satanist and I would NEVER go that path again, god took my friend away from me, and now I'm going to worship his mortal enemy.

anyway, when I was really little at age 5 or 6, I met this stupid boy that DESTROY my life, his name was Hunter Vass, he stole my dream girl, he got me in trouble for things i DIDN'T do, he got me lock up outside of the school for 5 hours, and I miss lunch, and guess what, and now thanks the devil one student I forgot who came out to get her coat and saw me, she let me in, Hunter hated that student, the WHOLE school including my dream girl against me, no matter what I do, I can't tell them I didn't do it. so Hunter Vass, if you're reading this message, I would NEVER FORGIVE YOU, because of him, I can't trust people anymore, I used to run away from babies, I cried when a unfamiliar (such as my cuz I haven't met, or anyone else) person approch me, every time I see a unfamiliar person, I get scared like a child in the dark.

that's all folks.


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