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Name: MamaBird
Location: United States, MST
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 22 Aug 2009

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I have been studying and on this path since late January 2009. My primary influences include Dianic Wicca (author Z Budapest) and Wicca (author Scott Cunningham). Then there are all the books that I've either started to read, or have obtained and am going to read. Those are Christoper Penczak's Temple series, Positive Magic by Marion Weinstein, Divine Magic by Doreen Virtue (a friend wanted me to read this), Michelle Skye's Goddess Alive! and also Goddess Afoot!, Spiral Dance by Starhawk, The Circle Within by Dianne Sylvan, I'm waiting for some of Judika Illes' books to be available on the kindle, and of course some more by Scott Cunningham. (I didn't like Buckland's writing as much as Cunningham's.)

I'm a semi-avid reader (as you can see), and can often be found in a quiet corner with my Kindle. I love the kindle because I can take many books with me anywhere in my purse, and I like to take a lot of notes, which is easy with that device. I read both fiction (usually fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, or books to be reviewed for the vine program) and nonfiction (psychology, pagan-related).

I would just like to learn from others and help them to learn. I am age 31, newly married, and currently working on my masters degree full time. Part of my life's goals is to become an "expert teacher" and an "expert learner." For some reason, I just love Runes, and wish to continue learning more about them. So far, I've become very familiar with the Elder Futhark 24-rune set, and made my own set out of moonstones.

My HOBBIES include: Eco-friendly Candle-making with soy and palm waxes, Internet stuff, gluten-free baking for my family, hanging out in the grass with my animal-family, spending time with my teen/tween step-children, and reading, reading, reading. :)

Most importantly, I'll always be a lifelong learner!

I love, love, love working with animals! I currently share my life with 2 cats and 5 parrots (which is why I make soy candles... paraffin can kill the parrots!) I've worked with many other types of creatures in my life as well, including peacocks, chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, sheep, hamsters, mice, fresh and saltwater fish, dogs, squirrels, wild birds, baby deer, and probably some others I am forgetting). Is it any wonder why I love Diana/Artemis and Pan so much? I also love serving as a mentor for people, too, especially teenagers and young adults.

I would like to nurture relationships of support, friendship, and shared spiritual experiences among other open-minded people. Others throughout my life have consistently described me as sweet, loving, nurturing, intelligent, warm, gentle, supportive, and accepting. But I will tell you that I can also be quite fiery, fiercely loyal and protective of those I love and those in need. For the most part, you will likely find me to be quiet and soft-spoken, though opinionated at times.


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