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Name: LadyxStar
Location: Plymouth, PA
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 19 May 2011

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I'm Angela, a 21 year old who attended WSAVTS.My field was Cosmetology.I graduated class of "08".I have one Tattoo on my shoulder blade and my Tongue pierced.I won't lie I make mistakes alot,and chances are i'll do it more than once.I'm not someone to mess with.I've probally been through more crap in life then anyone.I am taken by the most amazing man alive.He is crazy, I wouldn't suggest screwin' with him.I am a leader at most things I do. I can be arrogant and bossy at times, but that's probably the worst you'll see out of me. I am highly blunt, ask anybody, they'll tell you. So if you ever want to get your point across to somebody, I'm the girl to come to :) I'm a little screwed in the head, but don't tell anybody. I want to kill 9/10 of people in the world. I am a vampire,A Sang/psychic vampire to be exact. I enjoy feeding from blood and Energy of humans. I used to practice a lot of dark arts such as black and purple magic.BUT I WILL NOT HARM ANYONE. I am very sarcastic, so don't take most of the awkward things I say seriously. I tend not to bother with ignorant people. Sorry, but ignorance is definitely not bliss for me. I love all sorts of Black Metal,Death metal,Screamo,Rock,Alternative,Techno and...that's about it. I'm unsure about my life's status. I love making people smile. I have a very relaxed and sometimes demonic attitude. don't make the mistake of screwing with the wrong bull. I express myself in every way possible.I love to draw and I am very good at it. When it comes to food, I'm a bottomless pit. When I'm not out of the house I'm usually on the computer or asleep. If you couldn't guess, I don't care what people think of me. I have a very intelligent and creative dark side. Don't screw with me, I can probably screw you over with little effort. I am an extremely understanding person. I love to drink and do other stuff... It's fun. I will wear anything. I respect people who use proper English and know how to spell.I would mainly consider myself Atheist, although I have many different beliefs that wouldn't be considered one as a whole.I will try not to preach my beliefs on you, so I would appreciate if you did the same. I am a big flirt and know how to attract people. I can be the friendliest and fun-loving person you know, or I can be the serious adult in the crowd who won't tolerate bullcrap. My mood and how you act around me will determine that. I guess the easiest impression I give off to people is that I'm a narcissist with the need to dominate. I strive to be individual, I do not want to be you, so stop trying to be me! Don't get me wrong, one of my greatest passions is to inspire people, but not for them to be just like me. I love people who have their own opinion and don't try to be like everybody else. I know a lot of crap and give amazing advice.


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