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Name: WaterCat
Location: the river
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 26 Jul 2013

Membership: Contributor

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Hello, my name's Ayrissa. I'm thirteen.

I found this website while looking for mermaid spells (I know, typical, right?) and once I got over the disappointment of being told I couldn't actually become one I started to check this place out.

It's pretty cool, actually-- I love being able to talk to people who actually know what they're doing and it's nice to have someone to ask if I come across a problem in my studies or something else like that.


A couple weeks after first seeing this site, I visited a used bookstore with my mom and headed straight for the Harry Potter section, like always. Only instead of the HP book I was hoping for, there was a big purple book lying there that clearly didn't hold the last of HP's adventures. I was confused-- did someone put it in the wrong section?

It was Silver RavenWolf's book for New Generation Witches-- To Ride A Silver Broomstick. I was ecstatic-- only the day before was it mentioned on the forums. Not only was it at a affordable price (it was $3.00), but my mom was happy to get it for me.

Can someone say DESTINY?

The second odd thing that happened to me at a thrift shop was when I was trying to figure out my magick name, and, like Silver RavenWolf suggested, I was spending a long time considering it.

So I was wandering around minding my own business (actually, I was looking for Tarot cards. My mom said if we find them anywhere, it's at that shop.) when I look over and OH MY GOD.

It's wind chimes!!

"What's so special about some silly wind chimes?", You ask? Well, this particular pair were wooden and HAD A DOLPHIN ON TOP OF IT.

(In case you didn't know, my spirt animal took the form of a dolphin back then. Now it's a cheetah.)(Wonder why that is. Insight, anyone?)

So, of course, I did what any normal excited thirteen-year-old would do and ran right over and rang it.

My first reaction?

"It sounds just like RAIN!!"

...And that is how I got the first part of my last name.

(If you were wondering about the tarot cards, no, we didn't find any. I had to order them online instead.)

I'm interested in magick that deals with gems (that's my phase right now), herbs, the astral, and the basics like energy manipulation and meditation.

magickal name: Ayrissa Rainspirit

spirt/power/totem animal: cheetah/dolphin

element: water/earth

true zodiac: Pisces

real zodiac: Pisces

status: a solitary witch practicing in secret. (Or almost secret. There's always the few who suspect.)


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