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Name: kill_mex.x
Location: The Ghetto, San Antonio, TX
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 14 Jul 2009

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Personal Bio
Well emm, this is my second.. no third account on here in like a three hr time span. The moderators have a deep hatred for me here. My first deletion was because I used caps and was being a smart ass to one of the moderators :3 the second time for saying (explicative) cos they won't let me cuss. Another act of smartassness again I spose. I've always been a believer of anarchy and I say we should start a resistance against the corrupt moderators who hate me! But anyway I'm in a band called the Extremist Collaboration, something I'm very proud of. I have uno songs right now, adding to the list very soon with (explicative) you, have to use explicative cos yew know all them ten yr olds going in and out of here o.o. Oh and by the way, you can call me Drake the Ninja. DO NOT MENTION my name to the moderators, especially something-something-oak, oh how he hates me so. Troy told me about this here site, Troy that is in my band and he also got kicked out of the chatroom not once but twice for fighting with the moderators over why they gagged me cos I din even do nothin :]. Troy and I are fascinated by black magic. Always trying to find some way to get back at the ppl we hate the most

My Contributions to the Creativeness of Life

Music: In a band called the Extremist as I already mentioned, add us up. Done with my horrid voice and guitar, I produced my own song, all myself. Because I'm Just a Ninja. Coming out with the new song in which I feature a very talented man named Spivkurl.

Writing: Love Bleeds Steadily Until Drained, in which a high school student uses voodoo to kill his ex and his best friend who she left him for which is alike to what happened just recently in my life, without the killing part. It's part of a sequence of short stories and I'm working on the next one, She's in the Closet.

Favorite Music

Cattle Decapitation,ICP, Twiztid, Boondox, Eight Bucks Experiment, Spivkurl, Bad Brains, Blood for Blood, Busdriver, The Buzzcocks, Cannibal Ox, Drive-By Truckers, Econoline Rush, Ed Temple, Escape the Fate, Joy Division, Leftover Crack, Mindless Self Indulgence, Minister Fiend, Misfits, Nonpoint, Orgy, Pitbull Daycare, Rancid, Refused, Richard Hell & the Voidoids, Sex Pistols, Sheer Terror, Stabbing Westward, Suicidal Tendencies, White Stripes

Favorite Movies

SLC Punk, The Warriors, and ehh, thats it :3

Favorite Shows

Ghost Hunters International and Family guy

Favorite Books

Heroin Diaries and The Vampire Lestat. Dun read much :]


Fancies girls that have the following:

Black and/or Red hair

Likes wearing hoodys and tight shirts/pants

Pale Skin

Pancake Aureoles xD

muh(explicative)'n Homies and Ninjas Include the following:

Troy, Ninja 2, Furby (ninja 2 and furby being codenames so mods don't catch us xD)


Zach (had to cut the list short :3 too many (explicative)'n fakes -.-)


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