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Name: Artemisia
Location: in the center of riot
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 26 Jan 2014


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The brain need stimulation not intelectual starvation ! Artemisia Wormwood

I am curently studying very hard so i may be not that active within next month and half .I am training for

therapist and i spend hours and hours studying human anatomy and physiology in theory and in pactic .So i may be less online or answer on mails slower .All mails without subject and intelligent content will be ignored ,except coming from friends of mine and fellow members !Thank you for the understanding .

Apon this gravely field we walk side by side walking unto the enemy. We do not despair we do not hide for together we stand against any foe. We rised from the ashes of our formal lives and grew into some much much more. We are together Immortals Keep. ByBlacksunn


Understanding is power and power is understanding .

Artemisia Wormwood

The user is also known as Arte of War .I try to make the best from the worst .

Much may be conquered much may be endured

Of what degrades and crushes us .We know that we have power over ourslves ,to do and suffer -what we know not till we try .But something noble that to live and die.

Percey Shelley

"There is no realization without pain" C.G. Jung

About me :I dislike to talk for myself much ,however as leader i need to let know folks in which hands they leave their growth and guidence .I am very straightforward ,brutally honest and open person .I have enough guts to be myself with all my weaknesses and strenghts .I am very hard working and determinated person once i decide what i really want .I do not like to be on spotlight and show off ,however as leader i will go through all uncomforatble things and situations in order to?help all people who untrusted me with the task to be their guide and protector .I have very strong sense for protecting weak and innocent ,thus if?you have hidden ambitions to delude people about yourself i will make sure everyone knows the truth.And as extremly stubborn and strong willed by nature i will stand my ground till last breath .I tend to get overpassionated when it comes to people i love and care about and very overprotective .Sometimes i may be all around the place and overboard still working on that lol .Think of me as a mirror i will reflect to you what you have expressed either that is positive or not so positive .I am like earth it takes a lot to get me going but once i get in motion i can be disastrous

My path :I have walked and walk many paths .I am pretty eclectic i go by intuition and use whatever suits me because i do not have set beliefs and understanding .Thus i am open for everything and i explore pretty much everywhere .

My hobbies :i love bellydancing ,martial arts (tai chi ,qi gong ) ,i practice calligraphy and i write my own things .I am pretty much into gardening too .Make my own oils and powders from soon .Love studying ancient langauges and any langauges in general .Love all what has to do wirth letters and words .

What i will not do :

1.Teach you one in one out of my coven .I work ,menage three floors house ,plus garden .Thus i have pretty busy schedule .

2.Spoonfeed you knowledge .

3.Support all your stupid questions and nonsences .

4.Fix your life instead of you .

5.Show you focus bocus and entarintain you to proof i am worthy .Can not be bothered .

6.Cast spells for you ,because you too lazy to learn and move a finger .

7.Fight for your cause instead of you .

8.Support any form of physical or magical violence against my persona .

9.Do readings for you just because you said so .

10 .Let you get me involved in itrigues and mind games .

11.Argue with you hours i will rather ignore you or block you .I am too practical person to be bothered .

What i will do :

1.Teach you if i have been ordered from my spirit guides or i simply feel i need to do so .Same goes for readings .

2.Cast spells for you if you are dear friend of mine and you are in vedy difficult or dangerous situation .

3.Will answer all questions which? make sense to me .

4.Advice you and guide if i have some spair time .

5.Respect you if you have prooven that you deserve it and i have seen same respect from you .

6.Stand my ground against everythyng which has been thrown to me .

7.Be your friend if i can trust you .

Some of the things which i wrote

?"You still wear mask .What is the point?- i am asking.All masks are useless in full darkness into it only your inner light can be seen and felt .You still wear it .Well then you call the darkness to come to test (taste )you ,so better be prepared for it .Wearing something does not cover your emptiness nor mislead the true prophet in front of those two you are always naked .And darkness and prophesy always walk together arrivals and friends but they are the same ."Eloida de fulgor?

. I am not afraid to make dirty my nails planting trees and plants ,helping gnomes . I am not afraid to dance with undines in the dept of my heart and flow with all things . I am not afraid to fly in imaginary worlds with sylphs and angels . I am not afraid to test the power of my will in the fire of Salamanders . I am not afraid to speak with Stone and Tree people and hug them . I am not afraid to call animals my little brother and sisters . I am not afraid to be one with everything . I am not afraid anymore because they cured me from ignorance and madness and arrogance and i am happy now i found my path into all worlds and i shall not loose it because they are with me . Artemisia Wormwood?

?If you want to find real me you must break the mirror . But will you be enough brave to shatter in thousand pieces your own reflection ? I did so and i scattered all pieces in different levels and worlds . Never completed ,never uncompleted to be ! We all are weak to confront our own arrogance and vanity and that is why pain has been created for . Artemisia Wormwood

Only if you could go with the flow . Only if you could die with me slow . Only if you could see how deep red is beyond the snow . Only if i could press replay and repeat the show . Only if i could not take the next blow . Only if icould be your crow . Artemisia Wormwood

When the drums sing their song spirits come around ,beside and among . When a drum express itself in beat all i can do is to follow with my feet . And there in the depths of this souls?fest ?bird of fire has been born in my chest Dance bring out of me the very best . Dance ,Dance ,Dance my audible bridge toward trance . Visions behind my closed eyelids follow, follow the beats see see the worlds around you as beads Follow follow the drums for journey leads then scatter your wishes with hadfull seeds . Become one with many different breeds??.Artemisia Wormwood .

Copyright Artemisia Wormwood 2011

How down into the rabbit hole you want to go ?

Big brother is always watching you ;)

Once long ago i wrote one story about the huge dark ocian .It spread to the infinity .Its dark lurking black surface was black and thick as a mirror ,reflecting your thoughts back but in same time swallowing them just to recreate them and refflect them back to you .But why this ocian would exist ?What is it name ?Bina .The moarning mother with her waters of creation and destruction .Your mother giver of life ,grimer of death .But what is life and death isnt it one constant passage ?But once you have walked around this ocian ,once you get used with its revolting darkness and weird smell of emptiness you start to see beams of light under the surface .Light ,your inner light .Light, which can shine only through darkness and despair .Your divine flames blown into you from the divine .Gold fish ,sparkles of genious ideas and inspiration .Duality ,understanding .Place in which things comes in its place ,after you have hit the rock bottom of the dark ocian and its insane waters .Tears arent they a salty water ?But we can cry from joy and from pain .What is it? It is called relief .Emotional relief ,but emotions are act of creation .Let the tears flow .let the ocian flow ,watch gaze ,understand ,feel .Feel the appeal into the darkness ,to disscover your inner light .We started as fools we will finish as a world .Outburst of genious and maddness those are our gifts from Bina .Artwe



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