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Name: devil_angel
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 09 Aug 2009

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Hi. I am 12 years old. You find out my name if I find you a very trustworthy friend. I know that seems young to be starting magic. What got me intersted was a book that I was reading for fun. It's called Wicked. It's acually a serieAs.

I started researching magic a year or two ago but never acually tried it. I have now been performing spells for a full week now. I look foward to meeting people, sharing spells and having fun on this site.

I love to listen to all kinds of music. My fav artists r um Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift. My most fav songs by them are: When You're Gone (Avril) You Found Me (Kelly) and You Belong With Me (Taylor). There are other songs I love to listen to but these are songs that I'd drop everything to listen to.

What I would like in a friend is loyalty and trustworthy. I like people who are always honest to their friends. I adore people who care for others and help people out. Me myself, well I usually care more for others than me. I help people out when they want my help. And if somethings wrong then it's up to them to say it and not if i want to hear. I'll listen to you even it's boring. people dont always return the favor.

I practice all kinds of magic. Black and white. Um basically anything on the internet I find interesting in any way. I love to just talk to random people and have a good time and laugh. Even though I fake most of my smiles and laughs in life. it would be awesome to be friends with anyone who is willing. I dont care how old u r! I dont like it when people mess with me or my friends. I can and will hex or curse anyone who is nonfriendly to me or my friends. I mean like saying names and spreading false stories or something REALLY bad. I dont care if u ignore me on chatter im used to it anyway but for that nothing will happen. (By the way I have no clue how to do a hex or curse. so u should b safe for now). lol. My dear fellows I am joking. But then again maybe i am serious. No really im joking. Hope to meet you soon!!


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