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Name: slayingTasha
Location: from the beyond
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 12 Jul 2009

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
i'm me just me..with a whirlpool of emotions...depressed..happy..sad

..all the tranformations in a mere matter of seconds. i'm here to learn everything there is to teach..and know everything there is to'll take time but is not impossible..when i'm nice i'm incredibly docile..but when i get mad heaven help you! but i never hold grudges against anyone..if i dont like you i'll tell you to your face...if i like you then i'm your best friend. i do not hate anyone because of no apparent reason. and i like writing books as a hobby - generally about vampires, werewolves, fallen angels etc. basically i'm an aspiring artist who likes to paint surrealism mixed

with realism..but it's to early to tell in what style i'l paint. music- is my soul my life..i can listen to all kinds of music but really into black metal, death metal,grunge and goth. i never chose magick as my way of life it chose me. all through my life i was haunted by the world by the thoughts of magick and other magickal creatures pulled by them toward them ridiculed by other people or freaking them out but never changing.

i did love to help people if they have any questions regarding magick. i basically practice white magick. i would even love someone to help me with my magick...because you never stop learning.

i niether believe or disbelieve anything and i try not to be judgemental""

messages with wrong grammer and not understandable english will be ignored as they are hard to comprehend

love my chics parul,faith and oakwood!earthwolf is a real close friend!

Tell it,

in rhythimic


detail by detail

the living creatures.

tell it

as must,the rhythm

solid in the shape

woman.arms liftes.shadow eater.

X Stan Rice X

The murder burger

is served right here.

yo need not wait

at the gate of heaven

for unleavned daeth.

you can be a goner

on this very corner.

mayonnaise,onion,dominaince of flesh.

If you wish to eat it

you must feed it.

"Yall come back."

"You bet."

X Stan Rice X

who are these shadows we wait for and believe

will come some evening in limousines

from heaven?

The rose

though it knows

is throatless

and cannot say.

My mortal half laughs.

The code and message

are not the same

and what is an angel

but a ghost in drag?

X Stan Rice X

No one is listening

now you may sing the self sonf,

as the bird does,not for territory

or dominance,

but for self enlargement

Let something

come from nothing.

X Stan Rice X

The dead dont share

though they reach towards us

from the grave(i swear they do) they do not hand their hearts to you.

they hand their heads,

The part that stares.

X Stan Rice X

Cover her face,mine eyes dazzle,she died young.

X John Webster X

Very little is

more worth our time

than understanding

the talent sunbstance


A bee,a living bee,

at the windowglass,

trying to get out dommed,

it cant understand.

X Stan Rice X

peace tasha


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