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Name: shibboleth
Location: canada
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 30 Sep 2009

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What if? Just what if everything you were brought to believe in this world was a play. A show, a large mascaraed. Put on to cover a even greater war that's been going on for years and years now; ever so greater then the wars being fought today. Maybe even the war today could just be that war, but ever so growing in violence It will soon get so tragic that the secret will be imposable to cover, and it will soon spill in too the streets of civilian people and they will be forced to choose aside. A chess game in which is being played with real live people, and the pieces are you and I,shuffled,placed, misplaced and even killed to achieve advantage.

Its a game of power, its a game of pride, its a game for full control of the people, and the way they think of the world.. Religion vs Science. Is there a God? Is the world flat or round? Is the earth the center of the universe or is it the sun? Why are we here? Where did we come from? Adam and eve or is it just evaluation? Spirituality and religion has for years fill in the blanks that science could not explain. Now today science has answers for a lot of those questions. For example: The sun was once controlled by the God Helios, and don't forget the wrath of earthquakes by Poseidon.

Can you really believe that some people thought that we meant so much to God, that he made earth which man lives on--- the center of the universe and not the sun? (it just don't work that way) For some time now there has been this war between Science and Religion!

Anyone caught speaking out against the church, or even finding scientific truths that would damage the church and there power; that person would be murdered. (back in the day of course, so we like to think)

Can you believe that the church wanted the people of ower world to be def, dumb, blind, and hungry. Why would they want this? Well quit simple, when you are classified under the D.D.D.H. your more submittable to the teachings of the church. It's easy to take in the name of God then it is to steal for your self.

Now lets just say this is all true, and science comes along, and begins to enlightening people about Discovery's in the world that would damage the church and the way of thinking. Even making people drift away from the congregation which are held in large expensive churches, that are paid for from the members of the church. Didn't Jesus him self say "If you wanna find God all you have too do is look under a rock." Once again wasn't it also the church that was involved in the killing of Jesus?

Don't take this the wrong way! I'm not saying that there isn't a Higher power. but what I am saying is that there are people using the power of the name of "God" in deceitful and murderous ways.

I am a strong believer in God-- but that doesn't mean I kill,steal or even mentally abuse some buddy in the name of that God, or to achieve personal profit. My relationship with The Most High is between him and I, like it should be! It's something that doesn't need to be paraded around and shouted out like a crazy madman. Let me ask you something. Take that one person in your life that you love more then anything, the person you are, or want to spend the rest of you life with. Tell me, would you shout out there name every Chance you get? Would you tell everyone about that person and everything they do for you? Would you tell the world about all the little secrets, and all the feelings in which this person implicates to u? Or would you keep all these things to your self cause there yours, and no ones else can have them. My Spirituality is strong. And it didn't get this way cause I sent money to a church, or went to church everyday, and for sure it didn't get strong cause I went door to door trying to convert people to what I believe! It became strong when I one day decided to say "thank you" for ever thing in my life. This wonderful life of Science, which is hand to hand with Spirituality-- adjoined like husband and wife.

All one has to do to be close to the Almighty is be your self. No money is needed, no converting! The only thing that is needed is your heart, mind, and soul. I know this like I know I will pass on one day.

Luciferian Doctrine means "A new world based on scientific enlightenment."

Do not mistake the word Lucifer to a reference of Satan like the church would.

But in it's literal Latin meaning---- Bringer of light Or Illuminator.

The road to enlightenment is a long one, and it begins with education. Read,absorb,pick a part, and question everything. Cause at the end of the day when all is said and done, you and only you stand alone. The only thing that will matter then is what you believe, and what you have done. Never be afraid! Being scared is the beginning to learning.

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