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Name: Dementia
Location: In my own lil world
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 20 Oct 2016

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Personal Bio

A little about me you can call me Kassie I am 21


I am a animal lover. A couple of my favoirte animals horses,wolves,eagles.

WoW ( world of warcraft is one of my favorite games to play.)

I am very weird, Happy most of the time, hyper as hell.I also cuss a lot so if you don't like that don't message me I don't have a filter for cussing anymore, also if you ask for help or advice in any form shape or way I am very honestly and blunt about it. I do not sugar coat anything.

I can be the nicest person you have met unless you do something to make me mad.

I will talk to anyone and everyone just about anything. Just incase you even need someone to learn on and just listen to you I will be here.

Ps: If I dont reasponed don't send me 10 messages send one I might be away or my phone ate the message........

Yes I am in a realtionship..

Some magical/spiritual things about me

Things I want to learn:

Magic ( everythin about it. I do not " cast " I just really want knowledge on it."

Spiritual animals,realm,elements ( I know little about spiritual animals and elements however I know a good bit about spiritual realms.)

Things I can do:

I am a empath.

I can sometimes see peoples past,present and where they are going ( most of the time I see different paths they can take.) so yes a psychic you could say

I see and talk to spirits they came in many forms animals humans "demons"

I will tell you this know yes I will help you as much as I can. However I need to acutally talk to you for a bit before I can tell you anything only sometimes will things come to me when I first start talking to someone. I do not promise in any way that anything i tell you will be 100 percent on point. I will tell you what I feel or see about you or a loved one with in reason and I think somethings you should not know because of how it could alter you or a loved ones life. I listen to spirit when doing this if they say leave this out I do because they have been right about many things when it has come to my life and others around me.

so feel free to message me about anything spiritual or not I will listen .

" The last blood queen is here and she is ready for war. The question is are you because the man dressed in all black is coming."


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