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Name: Estralaway_E
Location: ''Waiting on the silver blocks''
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 09 Sep 2009

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Personal Bio
A little about me:

Ok well my name is Estralaway Earthwalker. I am one of the ancients and I am in the process of rediscovering myself. I have been reborn but I know I am not yet done being who I was originally. I am as of now 16 (though I am much older in memory and knowledge). I am an empath, a seer, a vampire, demon, and many other things among this though I will not tell you unless you ask. I have been using magic as I am now for 8 years and have found out that I am indeed very powerful. I would very much suggest not making me angry. I am a reasonable and open minded person and I do not get angry or irritated over small things. I am a good person to come to if you need to talk or vent. You can think of me as a councilor (but not as thick headed), and I do not judge anyone. The goddesses will is my will. I do as I am told by her and follow no other orders. I am my own person.

My favorite songs:

Lostprophet-Rooftops, Bullet for my valentine-scream aim fire, Evanescence-field of innocence, Crossfade-cold, Skillet-whispers in the dark.

My favorite books:

The legend of Drizzt, The house of night, warriors, the sellswords, Tuesdays with Morrie.

Favorite animals:

Wolf, Panther, Raven, Crow, Dragon, and Horse.

Favorite Quotes:

* "Do animals have feelings?" The fact that such people ask themselves this question already proves they don't know what feelings are anymore.

*You never win a war. You only survive it.

*You can't run forwards and change to running backwards without a moment of standing still.

*You can't change the past, and you never know what exactly is going to happen in future. Those that tell me "You can't change your past, but you can change your future!" don't know that my past was my future too. Our future is dependent on others. Probably, we change the future of others more than we change our own in our whole life.

*Nobody likes to hear this. But you truly learn your most important lessons from your enemies.

Conclusion: I am happy to talk to anybody and I would be glad to give any of you advice. Or take advice myself.



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