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Name: Healerhawk2
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 20 Feb 2011

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Hi there. My name is Alexandria I am 18 years old and I am pretty good at different types of magic. And at certain times, I can think of many good thing to help others out and some spells. Such as, if you need a "Problem" solved, I can think of a good way to solve it.

I like to dance, sing, and act. They are so fun and i can put my emotions into them. YAY!

___________________________Magical Intrests_________________________

I will only do white magic and never do black magic, yet. And whenever people need help. I am usually there. I love to help others. It makes me feel so good inside to know that I have helped others, and have most likely changed their ife for the better. I mostly know healing magic and elemental magic. I really wish to learn angelic magic and Shamanism. And I want to further my psychic powers, mostly to help others if there are any problems going on in their life. I mostly want to learn angelic magic to try and get angels to help me and others if we ever need big help. Not if I want my shoes to be tied or something stupid like that. But I mean if there is an outrage of 'evil' demons or 'evil' entities in an area, I would like to call upon the angels to help. I don't want a random person walking through there and getting killed or being posessed by a demonic entity, or a demon itself! Nobody should have to go through that! I would like to help those people and stop them from being in the clutches of death. It feels good when I help people. And hopefully when I am more powerful, I will help those who are hurt/sickly, and I would be able to help the beginners on this site.


We live and we learn, To take one step at a time, there's no need to rush. It's like learning to fly, or falling in love. It's gonna happen babe, It's supposed to happen and we find the reasons why. One step at a time. I feel this is important to post, because One thing you have to do, is take one step at a time. You have to learn the basics, practice, and get stronger. You can't just practice meditating and say. "Ok! Now that I have learned how to meditate properly, I now do telepathy and levitate." You don't need to rush, It is going to happen, and just do it One Step At A Time.


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