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Name: wickedphoenix21
Birthday: Jan 21 1992
Location: thebes, greece
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 05 Apr 2012

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Hello , my name i dom and im here to teach. i have a power where i can kind of get knowledge from the air and when i look it up im right. i would like to help you so if you have any questions message me.Ever since i was a child of 3 years old i would always speak incantations that would scare my babysitters. I would also always feel connections to all the elements and always could feelwhat other people were feeling. When i get angry which is alot bad things always happen to the people who annoy me or porposely annoys me for the thrill of it. One time my aunt who is about 10 years older than me was annoying me extreamly annoying and i just couldnt handle it and i started to shake vilolently and it got really hot and i remember that she had to go to the hospital because she started to get a horrible headache and i passed out and woke up in the hospital.I am wicked but only wicked when i need to. I am a very nice person and i get along with everyone who dont annoy me lol. I almost died once, i was at some beach with my church and at the time i was 4 or 5 and i went in the ocean with my cousin and i fell off of his shoulders and he couldnt find me and while i was under ther water i had this surge and i passed out. When i awoke at the hospital they told me that they found me about a mile out and that i passed out while under there and that some how the pressure of the water didnt crush me or didnt vacate my loungs.I would always freak out my mom because i would always finish peoples sentences. One time when my mom and i were buying things from a market and she asked about the quality of it and i said exactly what the man said b4 he even said it. Ive been to 10 to a physics and each and everyone said that i was reincarnated onto this body and that my past lives i was a very powerful beings and great leaders thought my lives and that i have to find my powers to reach my full potential. They also told me that i will be a great leader for the world and when some kind of war comes i will have to lead. So thats some of me for you and if u wanna know more just message me.I AM THE SON OF ZEUS!!!!!!!! meaning that I am half god I am also half zafian witch which is like the original witches


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