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Name: LexiePaige
Location: California
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 29 Aug 2009

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I'm not going to lie. I'm one fasinating b****. My name's Lexie Paige, and I love fire. I just so happen to trip over air, and yes, I do think i'm better than you. I am also a bigger music addict than you are. I tend to voice my opinion all the time. I do have friends. Alot Of Them. Everyone Has A Wild Side, We Just Like To Make Our's The Dominant Side. Thats How We Roll. People Who Don't Know Me Think I'm Quiet. People Wo Do Know Me Wish I Was. I am selfish, arrogant, and I will lie to you if i deem it fit. I tend to burst into laughter because of somthing that happened yesterday. I love my music. I also love Shooting, Reading, Acting, Drawing, and my Friends. I Am Absolutly In Love With Fashion, And I Have My Own Sence Of Style. I Use It To Express How Im Feeling That Particular Day. I also really love Rainbows. Truthfully, I don't care about your music, or your opinion. I absolutly loathe Text Chat, Chick Flicks, People who cant take a joke, Rap / Hip-Hop Music, the Jonas Brothers, and Politics. I Am Above The Influence...On Tuesdays. :] I'm not on crack, i just pull it off well. Just Say Yes. I am Vertically Innept and so Clumsy i should be considered Disaibled. Not to mention that my heart is with someone thousands of miles away, and it hurts a little bit more every day. I am a Sophmore, and my favorite class is by far English. I am currently the Teen Writer for our small-town newspaper. I Have No Current Plans For The Future. Im A Freak. You Should Know That Right Now. I'm Astrapophobic- Fear of thunder and lightning, Autophobic- Fear of being alone or of oneself, Hematophobic- Fear of blood, Claustrophobic- Fear of confined spaces, Coulrophobic- Fear of clowns, Gerascophobic- Fear of growing old, and Somniphobic- Fear of sleep. For All Of You Who Know Me, You Know I Am Also Scared To F***ing Death Of CareBears, But I Couldent Find a Word Describing That. Oh Well. I Hate Double Standards. It's A Rare Occasion That You Will See Me Wearing Anything Other Than Black. I Am Obsessed With Dying My Hair. I Love Funky And Obnoxious Colors. I Am The Queen, Like Fer Serious. You Call Me Crazy, But Really, You Have No Idea. Peace Outt.


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