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Name: SheenaMalfoy
Location: Canada
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 17 Nov 2011

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New to magick, so any tips would be welcome.

I have undergone a HUGE mental shift over the last few months, and if any of this doesn't make very much sense, it's because I can't find the right words to describe what I'm trying to say.

I thought for the longest time that magic only existed in books and video games, and that the people who called themselves magicians were quacks. But then reading some books on chakras and such, I came to realise that chakra/mana/chi/ki is really all the same thing. And as I learned more about this way of thinking, well, I learned more about myself really, and found that if I could use this energy to heal myself and my way of thinking, then it could be used to help others as well.

It was actually my brother who found this site, and I'm glad he did! While knowing minot energy healing was pretty cool, it was slow, and I found that I got distracted halfway though. Coming here, I found that many of the spells,using their different materials and chants, gave me a way to focus, and so I learned more and more about this mysterious chakra.

Of course now, seeing the huge variety of spells, I am trying to learn other types as well, elemental, protection, barrier, enchanting, etc... and any tips would be helpful.

Okay, that out of the way, I;m the kind of person who seems tolive several different lives, depending on who you ask. I love video games, mostly the fantasy kind of stuff where magic (no surprise) exists, the various incantations fascinate me. A particular favourite of mine is:

OH FLICKERING BLAZE BURN, FIREBALL!! (Rita Mordio, Tales of Vesperia)

Another world: music. Can't live without it. I used to play the cello and the clarinet, stopped for various reasons, but my love of music hasn't diminished in the least. Because I no longer play, I have reverted to singing or whistling instead, and my vocal abilities have greatly improved because of it. Now for my favourite kind of music. Being a video game fan, I can/will/do listen to and love the soundtracks, mostly the orchestrated songs with strings or flutes. The stereo sounds in newer games are amazing to listen to with headphones on, but most people miss them by only hearing the music ingame. I also love any type of "relaxation music" or meditation music, it really helps me concentrate in school and with homework, and some of the buddhist chants are quite relaxing to listen to as well, even if I don't know what they mean. That's another thing, while these kinds of songs are my favourites, I'll listen to anything, any language, except some country and heavy metal songs.

Next life: sports. I have played nearly every sport available to Canada except hockey (ironic, that's the national sport) and haven found peace with two martial arts: judo and taekwondo. Yes, they're completely different, but I love them nevertheless. I currently have an orange belt in judo and a green-blue belt in taekwondo. At first they were excercise, now they seem to be a way to master my body. The more I can control my physical body, the more I can control my chakra, it seems, and to me, being balanced and in control is very important. I have also tried to learn taichi out of a book, and while I'm not very good, it's better than nothing and teaches me a way to connect my physical and spiritual bodies. I know taichi, being so slow is not often considered a sport, but it is physical activity, and it is still a martial art, so I added it here.

Last big life, and right now the touchiest one: religion. I was born christian, and for a long time, didn't really understand what the importance of going to church was and seemed to have an overall negative outlook on life. One of my biggest problems with my belief was the simple yet unanswerable question "If God exists, then why has He left the world the way it is?" I dunno when or why it happened, but my outlook on life has had many smaller changes, which encouraged me to try to think more positively, and I have become much more open with my thinking. I can't say I don't care why God was left the world the way it is, but I'm sure He has his reasons. I have also come to believe that perhaps there is more than one God (Goddess perhaps?) and that perhaps it's okay to have connections with more that one. For instance, there are many deities used in magick, and they all have different names and personalities, and their powers are used for different things in different ways. Another possibility is that it's all one God, just different facets of himself and those different facets represent and have power over different things. I dunno really, but I'm much happier now, and can accept different opinions, and be okay with not really knowing an answer for the first time in my life. I still can't really put this into words (this is the first time I've tried, and I really think it sucks) but here's just some more info about me, and the way I think.

I'll maybe put some powerful quotes in later, when I actually have time, but for now this will do.


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