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Name: Seraph
Location: Go to that Glowing White Castle, you will see me taking pictures there..and...fooling around folks XD hahaha
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 04 Nov 2010

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A little reminder Before PMing me:

Um, its just OK to PM me, though I'm quite getting tired of just one word PMs like Hi, Hello, and so on and so forth, make it have more meaningful words next time OK?

And Please don't ask me about some Stupid things like Spells on how to become *Insert a Mythological Being here* and so on and so forth, because.. ITS VERY IRRITATING, AND IT WILL NEVER BECOME POSSIBLE!!

I will not Reply in to PMs like these.

And I'll Explain this now, You ARE a Human, you Walk on your Feet, you stand by your Feet, you Grab things using your Hands, and you can't Change it anymore, because that is how your Earthly Vessel is Made!

Why would you like to become an "Abnormal" being like a Werewolf or Mermaid in this Physical Plane we all live in? To show off? Or just because of the Influence of the Movies like Twilight Series or Harry Potter Series?

Only the Souls can have the Possibility to look like a Mermaid or Werewolf, because they can Shape-shift / or their race is Different than that of a Human Soul, or if you want, become Adept at doing Astral Projection and then Shape-shift in the Astral Plane, where your wish to Shape-shift will become possible.

And also, Bio Kinesis requires a whole lot of Work and Rigorous Training than just Chanting those Incantations.

So, If that's the Reason why you came here then PLEASE go away, and never dabble in this Serious and Sacred Arts FROM NOW ON AND ALL ETERNITY...

Please Heed these Words...


Lost Seraph, i just got that name from the game i play, called Riviera the Promised Land, its the Grim Angel Ledah's Most powerful Demon execution skill^^LOL


Well yeah, anyway ..

My religion is Roman Catholic, but since I already reached 1 year of Experience in the Craft, I realized that Religion (particularly Christianity and the likes) is an obstacle in doing these things, so I now consider myself as a Free Spirited person, which means.. I am now not bounded by ANY Religions, and I'm already free to pray or ask help to any gods(Includes Jesus Christ) or goddesses as I see fit.

Well my Religious perception has been Changed, besides, for me, what my First Teacher said to me is something like this:"Religion will be an Obstacle in Magick" and it's true, especially cuz my Religion is Roman Catholic, which forbids the use of Magick.

Anyway, I want to train more and strengthen my Psychic Powers too, it would be best if I can perform almost all possible abilities a Psychic can have, and that's one of my Goal.

And I also want to learn ALL kinds of Magick, another Close to Impossible Goal of mine, which will surely make me busy and prevent me from being bored in this Physical plane.


And... now, I've currently reached 1 year of Experience in these Areas; Magick, Psychic, Psionics, Ritual Magick, Runes, all of the Five Elements, Energy Shields and Barriers, Healing, Magickal and Psychic Combat, Manipulating the Weather, Manipulating the Time, Manipulating the Temperature, Angels, and some Demonology.

Also one of my Goals is to become more Adept in those areas I've mentioned above, and also increase my horizons by learning more.

LOL, I finally learned and currently rereading the basics about Psionics, these websites are: (in the Psi palatium Circle section) and

And... thankfully, my power is getting more stronger the more I practice haha. XD


Recommended Websites for Psionics (In my opinion, Psionics and Magick is very similar to each other i.e both Manipulates Energies)


About me:

I love Animes, Playing Online Games like Ragnarok Online,Defense of the Ancients, Heroes of Newerth haha XD. And of course Mysterious and Peculiar stuffs.

Hmm about the pic, well you can consider it as a "Promotion Picture" of one of my Favorite Online Games, besides i don't want putting my Real Picture especially into Social Networking Sites and the like.

Well it can't be avoided anyway, as a Mage, I once lived my life as a Normal Person and now that I'm a Mage, I just divide my time into studying Magick and also living my life as a Normal Person, Balance is important in everyone's life, and as for me, Balance Between School, Magick, Games, Animes, and living my Life as a Normal person is Important too.


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